• Lizea hid from the world, yet showed the world everything. She was kind and sweet, yet also cruel and ruthless. She gave her trust and loyalty to almost everyone, and yet she held back the one thing that most people truly craved. She withheld the highest of emotions; the emotion that epic poems are written about, that lives are taken for...


    Her love was given to no one.

    But there would be one exception.


    The one man who captured both her attention and her heart; this was a feat that most dared not even attempt lest they be scorned upon for getting to close to The Spinster of the Forest. Many say that Lizea, a woman past her prime--old-fashioned fools! As if 19 years of age is past a woman's prime. They didn't know any better and how could they? The majority of the village of Tiumane were clearly the elder generation.

    But where was I? Oh, yes. Frione. Nothing more than your common Blacksmith who would occasionally visit the Forest to gather supplies for his metal-workings. An average 25 year old peasant who would never get the flack about being too old and unmarried. A man who all too easily gave what Lizea would not.