• She kept on running and running. She couldn't feel her feet but she couldn't stop now. He was gaining on her and if she dies, the world dies with her. The whole world was depending on her soul, her life line, that blood red beating heart inside of her. So there are only two things that were important right now, running and living.
    Her chestnut hair trailed behind her as she ran. It shined in the moonlight that was trailing in between the crowded trees. Her hazel eyes shown bright with determination and fear. Her legs thudded against the mossy ground as she flew across the forest floor. She had no intention of stopping, but her legs were wearing out and she didn't know how much longer her legs wold have the same kind of determination as her mind.
    The footsteps behind her were getting louder and louder, his breathing clearer and clearer. And that's what made her blood run cold. She squinted in the darkness trying to when or where the forest ended but she couldn't see with the darkness and her hair in her face and-
    THUD! "AHHH!!!" she screamed as she fell down hill covered in leaves, thorny tree branches, and rocks. Face first she fell down the hill her scream getting fainter and fainter as she went. She could see the world spinning with her, glaring at her, mocking her. She could hear the voices of the people she would disappoint. Mothers screaming, children crying, men at a loss for words.She closed her eyes, squeezing out a couple tears. And finally she stopped under a brush. She silently staggered to her kness, forcing herself to up.
    "I will not disappoint those people." she muttered to herself as she staggered behind the brush to hide. She could see him standing there, a tall shadowly silhouette, gazing at the hill. His eyes were searching for her and she knew it.
    Then his eyes landed on her. Her eyes got wind and she became as still as a wall, not moving, not breathing.
    He was the predator and she was the prey.
    She saw him take a step closer.
    She didn't want to die.
    In fact, she refused to. She glanced at her dress. It was tattered a little from the roll down the hill, but her mother had made it for her. Out of love. It was beautiful. A short little green dress that was easy to move in and also to hide stuff in. Like a razor sharp knife in which she could kill this beastly man with
    She didn't want to die.
    She had no desire.
    So she wasn't going too.
    He was geting closer to her brush. Every step was a step more to his defeat, didn't this foolish man know that?
    "I know you're here." he said in his smooth voice. It was so silky and smooth that you never would have guessed that he was capable of killing millions of people. "I'm sorry that this has to happen. You are a truley beautiful person and it's such a shame that you had to posses this power and waste such a face." He said again in that voice. I clenched the knife with my fist harder. I could feel it imprinting into my hand but I didn't care. "You really should," he muttered taking another step closer to the brush. He was right in front of my and I could see every detail of him, his pale skin that shined like moonlight, his angular charming face, his tidy midnight black hair, and his cold blue eyes."Stop hiding." He said right in front of my face. Staring into my eyes.
    It all happened so fast. First he gabbed my arms, then I slashed at him with the knife, scraping his arm. We store at the actual wound I had caused and then he grabbed the knife away from me and threw it across the ground.
    Then I kicked him in the guts and scrambled out of his grasp. But then he lunged forward and grabbed me by my ankles, knocking me to the ground. "Let go!" I screamed at him. I could her the desperateness in my voice and for a moment I was sick to my stomach. Having to beg to a killer?
    Disgusting."You're not going anywhere, you little witch."
    I screamed in anguish and anger. I could feel the power surge through my body and with a sudden burst of strength I lept up from nderneath his grasp. And then I pointed my right hand pointer finger at him. And, oh!, when he saw it I could see his face become a sheet of white the fear in his eyes. "N-No you're majesty! Please have mercy!" he begged. " I don't have mercy for scoundrels like yourself." I hissed back through gritted teeth. "But you're so young. Surely you do not want to kill a man at such a tender age of 13?" he pleaded. "You do not count as a human being." I retorted coldely.
    He laughed a hollow laugh. "Touché my dear. You have just proven to me why God has entrusted you with this power. You are cold and heartless and no one will ever love you so why not make you the world's weapon of mass distruction? Go ahead and kill me. Prove me right." he taunted. I store at him. "How dare you? Saying something so holy as the name of God after all that you have done.?" I yelled. "And not only that but relating my power as a gift from God? When it is quite clearly the Devil who has done this? Who has cursed me? God is my savior, that I recognize. But I am a sinned child after all that I've done, and one more doesn't make a difference!" I yelled at the top of my lungs and then the power exploded out of my finger into a stream of bright gold light. I watched as it went soaring into the man's chest, right where his heart is. I could hear it stop. I could see the life leave his cold eyes.
    And for some reason I could sleep at night, knowing that I have another day to live.