• Still puzzeled I looked out the window. I wasn't told where they were taking me or why.
    I didn't think it was a problem. My mommy had told me to go with the man, so I did. I never disobeyed my mommy.
    The man put me in the back of a car and told me to lay on the seat.
    After an hour he let me sit up again, but I couldn't tell where we were. I had tried to ask the man once where we were going, but he was silent, except for one word.
    Now I'm here. I'm not sure where "here" is, but I'm there and I'm scared.
    Where's mommy? She said she'd come a little after I arrived, but it seems I've been here for days.
    I watch as the door creaks open.
    A figure steps into the room.
    I reconize it as mommy.
    "Hi, mommy! I-" My eyes widen as I slowly turn my head to see what had buried itself in the wooden pole next to my head.
    "M-mommy?" I ask quietly hoping she doesn't throw more.
    I blink and she's gone, but I know she's still near me.
    I know this because of the knife that's pressed against my throat.