• There once was a 9 year-old girl,And her name was Kate. Kate lived in a small house. One day Kate's parents got into a fight,And then they got divorced.Kate's mother started crying,And her father left. Kate ran into her room and slammed the door shut. She started packing her clothes with tears running down her cheeks.

    Kate climbed down from the window and ran into the woods. After awhile in the woods Kate got lost. Then she heard something getting closer to her,Kate's heart started pounding faster then ever,she couldn't bearthe. She ran as fast as she could looking back seeing a shadow following her. Kate couldn't run any longer so she stopped,She heard a voice that said in a quite voice ''I can see every step you take,And soon you'll be mine.

    Kate's eyes had tears in them, Kate couldn't take it anymore she ran for 2 hours without looking back. Kate stopped running she didn't have anymore energy left in here, But then she saw a light. Kate walked near it,there was a house where an old lady lived. Kate went down and knocked on the door, Then the old lady came out and said to kate ''Hmmm..Your the one we've been waiting for''. Kate went in confused and dizzy,The old lady came with some tea and said her name was Martha.

    Martha told Kate what the voice was, She told her that it was the returned goust.Martha told Kate that the only way to stop the goust was to shine the death necklace at the goust. Martha gave Kate the death necklace and told Kate to go back in the woods and shine it at the goust.

    Kate went in the woods and heard the goust,Then the goust was infront of Kate. Kate took the necklace and was about to shine it at the goust when it slipped out of her hands. The Goust came near to Kate , But kate lost the necklace in the leave she searched as fast as she could. Then the goust caught up and told her ''It's over forever,just like it was for me''. Kate leaned her head to the side and saw the necklace. Kate grabbed the necklace right away and shined it at the goust. It was over the goust was gone,It then turned morning and Kate went back home without saying a word.