• A time like now is when people would normally turn and never think about such chaos again. But, not in this case. A crucial decision must be made now. As much as I would love to run from it I cannot. I would rather die than run. Which may be what would happen to me anyway if I did run. Such a decision is hard. Yes, but now I must make it. “Your thoughts are unpleasant, Mari. Please tell all of us what it is.” The prophet spoke.
    “I’d rather not…” I whispered. A heat arose up my neck and coated my face. I was sure everyone couls see it. The pack swarmed in.
    “Yes… tell us….” Arden hissed. “We are just dying to hear…”
    I completely panicked I know. It is a bad choice that I will have to live with I know, but I have to do it. I bolted out from the middle of the pack and dashed for some kind of safety. AS IF THERE WAS ANY!! But like I said I panicked!! Time was wearing thin and I didn’t have a choice so I shot around a tree and did a double take but I ran around their meeting place. Another bad idea! A wolf plopped down in front of me and snarled. “You just made another large mistake.” He jumped at me with all his force but what surprised me more than him was that, he didn’t hit me!! Somehow after clenching my fists and closing my eyes I had disappeared.
    I ended up on the other side of the forest out of reach of any of the wolves. I looked around. There was a city ahead that I hadn’t noticed before. I looked back once more and then turned my back on my heritage and all that I had known. As I ran I noticed people staring at me but only in short glances. I realized I was running too fast! Normal people didn’t run like I did that is why they were staring. I slowed my pace and jogged behind what looked like an old cottage. I sat with my back to the aging wood and breathed heavily. But not with exhaustion, but with the relief that I was free of my fate.
    I heard footsteps from the inside of the wooden home. “You don’t have any idea what could’ve happened to you!! How dare you defy your father and I and go into the woods!?” a womanly voice yelled. Oh goodness what was she talking about! Now I panicked again. This couldn’t be good.
    “But mother I saw a girl. They were gonna hurt her. I just know it. We have to help her.”
    Serious uh ohs now. What if that girl was me? I'm in some serious trouble this time… Why is it always my fault?! Ugh no need to stress right now. I listened in more on the conversation. “Son, listen to your mother. She is right. You shouldn’t’ve gone in there but you did and now you have to agree with her and just accept your punishment like a man. We understand you are grown up now but you still have to listen to us.” A rustling of feet and a slamming of a door made me think that the boy had run out. Oh no! I heard him. He sounded like he was coming from the front to the back. Where I was sitting!
    I stood up and inched to the side. This can’t be good. I can’t be seen. Rushing to the opposite of the house I tripped over a long snake like thing. Shoot! Why am I so clumsy! “What was that?!” he yelled after my butt made a loud thump on the ground. Crap! I scrambled to my feet a little late as he came around the corner. “It’s you! You’re that girl!” his eyes widened with each word. I had to think of something but I couldn’t. I was just as awestruck as he was. I was caught! Well sort of he didn’t know what I was. So that was an upside. But I was trespassing and he recognized me and he saw me taking to wolves!! So he has to have some sort of suspicion about me right? Oh god was I in trouble….