• One misty Friday night, Riku and Daft were sitting watching tv while Ty was studying. "He's been studying ever since he came home. That's been since 3:30 it's 9:00 now." Daft complained. "So?" Riku replied. "Well..." Daft thought. "Guys if you were watching me you would have known that I was over here working on an experiment, but I don't know much chemistry yet." Ty corrected. "I knew I smelt something." Riku mumbled.

    "Time for bed kids!" Their mom called. "Mom it's Friday." Ty called back. "Oh I almost forgot. Nevermind then stay up as long as you want." She replied. Then there was a knock at the door. Riku went to get it. A mysterious woman with torn clothes and a broken wood staff stood before him. "Help...me." she was studering between those words.

    Then out of her pocket came three orbs. A red, a blue, and a black. Daft and Ty joined the two at the door. "What are those?" Daft asked. "Ex-x-x-x-x-cuse m-m-me m-my nam-m-name is j-j-j-j-Julie" she replied ignoring her question."You must eat these on a full moon." Julie had finally stop studering. "You eat this the red one young lady.""you eat this black one smart one." "and for the you, here you go." She said as she passed the orbs.

    She then vanished into thin air. "Hey the moon is full!" Ty shouted. "Be quiet!" Riku scolded.They then ate their orbs. They each grew wolf arms, tails, and legs each the color that they ate. TO BE CONTINUED...
    (Authors note like this comment I'm making the continue soon!)