• The tip of the quill curled and looped, constructing the words flowing from within her heart. The contents of all her emotions poured onto the parchment, hand moving gently and carefully, as if not to harm. This fervent feeling overwhelming her became the purpose of all her senses, clouding the disarray revealed before her. The fragile girl kept separate from the murky mansion and only the vast, green garden outside her window took charge of caging her in without protest, leaving all the dreariness behind for others less fortunate. Clouds in the distance grew cold and dreary, but even the icy pour of rain could not suppress the overbearing power of serenity and love in which expanded in size every letter of every word being produced by her quill. It was futile.

    Her eyes left the parchment. An unfamiliar person stared directly back through the opaque reflection in the window. Every piece of what she was had been a lie, yet now every piece at long last matched the other with perfection. She was whole. She was finally together. Strung without a shadow of a doubt into someone beautiful and individual. A stranger that was once in her dreams finally made it's presence known and took complete control. This entirely different girl smiled. She did not mind.

    The captivation of her heart was let go. No longer confined within the insanity that trailed behind her of every waking moment of every day. At last, it was gone; she could feel peace. Happiness defined her at this moment. It was only a matter of time before the beginning of a new day. And this peaceful bliss will begin once more.

    Signing her name, she gently laid down the quill and in took a deep breath. A saddened smile curved on her lips. With delicate, long fingers, she unlatched a lavishly decorated wooden box, gently taking a pale envelope from it's inside. Carefully folding the parchment, the girl carefully placed it inside of the envelope, then sealed it with a crimson stamp melted from the candle. She lay it on the desk once more, where it would stay for whoever wished to read. The contents were personal, but no longer did she feel reluctant to expose herself. It felt… good. Natural.

    Lifting herself from her seat, she turned for the door. This room, her room, has held so many secrets, so many tales that would never be told. It did not pain her to leave it all behind. No, forgetting would relieve her so much more. The small body exited through the doorframe, not bother to close the door. She continued down the long hallway, running her pale fingers against the darkened, old walls of the mansion she knew so well. Now it was but what she would leave behind.

    The grand, spiraling staircase, it's red carpet torn and worn out, lead her down to the first floor. The once marvelously adorned front room held no feel for home, but nor was it a stranger's dwelling. The spotless floor looked peculiar against the tattered wall-papers and fallen picture frames, and the dust that masked around every corner. Cobwebs ornamented the crystal chandelier and everywhere else in between. It was eerie, yet bitter-sweet. So countless memories she would abandon, however, those memories would in no way be treasured. The once lavish and exquisitely kept manor, now torn and tattered. She took her steps to the front room, smiling forlornly. Oh, what a shame. What a shame for such a wondrous place once ridden of evil to alter to be so unsightly, so monochromatic.

    She turned the doorknob, creaking it open slowly. A gust of cool, fall air filled her lungs. Taking a deep breath, the girl entered the world, leaving what she no longer wished to be after her. The sanctuary of madness has been shut. No longer will a sinister shadow surpass the light imbedded in her soul. No longer shall she wish for peace within herself. It was here. The serenity was finally here.

    And now, as she left the mansion's presence, a new girl emerged. A light drizzle of rain produced from the doting sky rinsed away all what was left of her old self to begin the growth of something spectacular. Something so genuine, so pure, she could feel every sense of beauty in her pores.
    Finally. The end of the end has ended. And the beginning of the new beginning shall begin.