• Albus walked to the Sorting Hat and placed it upon his head as the whole school held its breath. Five seconds later, the hat opened its mouth to reveal the House of which the son of Harry Potter was placed in…

    And to everyone’s surprise, the Sorting Hat shouted, ‘RAVENCLAW!’

    Albus began rigid. Him? A Ravenclaw? That was impossible. His parents and relatives, everyone he knew was in Gryffindor. And he was in Ravenclaw? How could it be? With shaking legs, he walked over to the Ravenclaw table, as everyone applauded. Albus cast James a glance, and saw that James was smiling at him, encouraging him to go on.

    A pang of sadness hit him as he thought that the only way he could see his brother was during the times when they had free periods at the same time, and at meal times. Unless, or course, there was a coincidence that they met in the corridors. He tried to hide his sadness as he continued to watch the Sorting.

    Then, it was Rose’s turn. Both James and Albus looked up at Rose, both giving her a huge grin, and she returned one back to them. She placed the Sorting Hat on her head, and it exclaimed, ‘GRYFF-!’

    Everyone looked at the Hat in surprise, for it had never stopped like that before. But before long, it shouted again, but a different word this time. ‘RAVENCLAW!’

    James’ look of shock was expressed clearly on his face. Both his brother and cousin? Ravenclaws? That was impossible. Great, now he would have to tell both his parents which house Albus and Rose was sorted into. Man, would they be disappointed.

    Albus looked at Rose, and whispered a question to her, ‘Rose, you were supposed to be in Gryffindor weren’t you? Why did the Sorting Hat change its mind?’

    Rose just giggled and said, ‘I asked it to put me in Ravenclaw via my head, because you looked rather lonely sitting here by yourself with no friends.’ She took one look at Albus’ expression and said, sighing, ‘Albus, don’t fret over it, I was just joking. The Sorting Hat changed its mind the last minute not because I asked it to ok?’

    Albus’ voice was strangled. ‘Then… Why did it change its mind? It’s never happened before.’

    Rose raised her eyebrows, and told him that she didn’t know why it changed its mind. She wasn’t a hat, how would she know? Even Professor McGonagall was dumbfounded when she heard the Sorting Hat change its mind mid-word.

    She turned around to face the Gryffindor table, and saw both James and Victoire waving at them, smiling. ‘See Albus? They’re happy for us, so stop worrying. Your parents won’t be disappointed with you. They’d be happy, just like James and Victoire are right now.’

    Albus spun round so fast that he almost cricked his neck. True enough, he saw them smiling at him and Rose. Seeing that, he felt heartened, and waited eagerly for Professor McGonagall’s speech, which did not come. However, even though there wasn’t a speech, there were a few words.

    Professor McGonagall stood up and told the whole school, which was in the Great Hall at that point of time. ‘Let the feast, begin!’

    All sorts of food appeared on the table like turkey, chicken, chops, and different drinks like pumpkin juice, tea and coffee were placed on the table. The two Weasleys and two Potters ate heartily, enjoying their meal.

    When the last crumbs of food were vanished by magic, a new course appeared. This time, desserts. There were pies and tarts, and even a few cakes filled with all sorts of fillings. Albus took one with a chocolate filling, as did Victoire over at the Gryffindor table, while James shared Rose’s love for fruits.

    When they had finished their dinner, Professor McGonagall gave her speech and they were sent off to bed.

    The Head Boy was in Ravenclaw, naturally, he knocked on the door of the Ravenclaw Tower. The knocker spoke, asking him a question, ‘Which came first? The phoenix or the flame?’

    The Head Boy opened his mouth to answer the question which neither Rose nor Albus knew the answer…