• It was a shadowy night, raining on the city of Woonsocket. It could shock a person if stepped out the wrong way. No one would go outside except the boy without fear.
    "I don't fear anything," he shouted to the dreaded people inside their homes on the television. "I will get rid of the storm!"
    Those were his last words before he diappeared into the rain and never came back. One day though a townsmen had built a contraption that could walk with out being destroyed.
    He had tested it out and it had worked.
    The storm was very angry with him though. It collapsed the ground sending the man into a pit. He was in a dark cave. No torches or light.
    The man had came across a thrown though in the cave, with a peice of armor on it.
    He had touched the armor and it had zapped him for a second, but when he put it on his shoulder, it made a comftorable suit on him.
    Somehow the ground made a portal into the city where he lived. The only thing wrong was that there was no rain.
    He went back to his house to see his wife, but whenever he gave her a question she would not answer.
    "Why won't you talk," he yelled at the top of his longs.
    "Welcome to hell," the wife said in a devil like tone. twisted
    "Why would I be here." he said angrily.
    "You are that brave boy from long ago," she whispered in his ear. "When you disappeared long ago u had died. It had caused that when u got struck by lightning having a dream of you getting the Age Aromor.
    "Huh," the man had said.
    "The armor in your dream had made you age, secretly to dust, coming to hell," she snickered at him. "The Rain had hated you so it had casued the dream"
    NOOOOO!!!" the man had shouted. A bult of lightnig had hit him showing a glimps of his childhood then disinigrating into pieces.