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    I love storties. Especially ones like this.


    The swan danced. she was a swan. not the ugly duckling like she used to be.

    her long legs were so beautiful, even the smallest animals would stop once to look at her.

    her face shone like the moon, the night became light.

    her wings were so white, some thought she was an angel.

    but she had a wish. a wish, which should of never been said. a wish, which was useless.

    yet a wish is a wish.

    and two always die. one laughs.

    the swan danced in the night. the animals sighed at her beauty, the angels looked back. even the demons stopped for a while.

    she danced, her feet so light, her face so bright. the water so pure.



    Finnally, the swan thought. All the animals ran off.

    Elvan grinned. his black wings shone in the moonlight. the crow's beak was red like blood. (true)

    "what do you want know."

    "you know what i want. i always wanted it"

    Elvan laughed.

    "you're dreams are useless. Ha! nothing!"

    the bushes rustled. the swan was quiet.

    "i will give you anything."

    "even your life?"

    the crow looked intrested at last.the swan gulped. her beauty would come to waste.

    "no. but i give you my beauty."

    "oh really?"

    "yes. but leave my beak to be. the other are yours."

    the crow thought about it for a while. the moon shone. the wind howled.

    "very well." he said atlast. "but you will live for a long time, not able to die. and you will never be a swan ever again."

    the swan looked as if she would cry. but she held it.

    "very well. one day is better than none. i rather die than nothing."

    "very well"

    with that, the crow disapeared, leaving only a black feather.



    the sun made the swan look once again like something else.

    but on that day, she was something else.

    a human princess. as beautiful as the moon.

    the animals whispered. where once laid the swan, now laid a human.

    the swan, now a human, ignored the whispers. she stood up. the bushes rutled.

    the swan looked at her dress. it looked good on her. a grayish-blue dress. with a black feather.

    Elvan. thankyou.

    she ran. as fast as her thing legs could carry her.

    she bumped into something.


    she looked up and gasped.

    the price. her love. her only love.

    the prince was on a horse. the horse relized it was the swan and snorted.

    the price looked at her with his shiny black eyes.

    if she was the moon, he was sunshine.

    the price went off his horse and looked at her.

    it was what human's called 'love in first sight' i suppose.

    and it is too, nothing.

    she was in heaven. the prince loved her. the castle loved her. the birds..... chirped loudly, trying to get her out.

    the birds. ah yes. the birds. they were a smart bunch, i hate to admit.

    everything went wrong. i mean for her, ofcourse.

    one day, while the swan was walking in the hall, she saw something she wished she had never seen. the prince was with another person. hugging, cuddling, kissing. "you are the sun. your face so bright" he said.

    the swan, like all other women, got mad. revenge she needed. but she would wait.

    a week later, the prince married. not the moon, the moon, but the sun. the moon cried out, yelled, pulled out her hair (not really.. just checking.)

    she needed revenge. she would kill the moon.

    this is when things becomes fun.

    the swan went to the sun, when she was alone in her room.

    she knocked. "come in" the voice said.the moon entered.

    "oh. hello."

    "hello, your majesty."

    "please, you are a good friend. dont call me majesty"

    she laughed.

    "if you are my friend." the moon said, tears swelling in her eyes. she jumped at the sun, stabbing her with a swans feather."why did you steal from me"

    blood. the sun fell, the moon was up. but there is another moon.

    the prince entered quietly. he saw everything.

    "you... murder." he finnally got the words out of him.

    the swan turned around.

    "no." she said. but the prince was already out.

    "i do not want to see you. i will..."


    the swan was a swan yet again. with all its feathers, it stabbed the prince.

    i guess hate makes feathers sharp.

    the second moon fell.it was now in the hands of the first forever.

    "you are mine. only mine"

    the moon cried. nothing was left for her.

    the birds. ah yes. they saw it too.

    "swan" the chirped. "if you want to return to us. you must take your true form. the one which suits you"

    the swan turned around.

    stupid birds. they are just too smart.


    the swan changed. she became the size of a normal bird. she lost her brightness. her beaks shrunk (i didnt say i wouldnt shrink it). her feathers turned bright red, for blood.

    and her face. it turned black. for her dark heart.


    and that ends the story, people. of how the cardinals came to be. from a swan.

    ah yes. all animals have some kind of start. sad, evil, happy, great.

    and not all the animals become like their first beings, i swear to you on my wings.

    and the swan. that used to be an ugly duckling, as you know. (i turned her into a swan, actually, but that's a different story.)

    but i guess even if one becomes beautiful outside, their uglyiness sometimes hides somewhere inside. not that i know ofcourse.

    oh yes. why i like this story. because i did all this. without me, nothing would of happened.

    but i too cant read the furture. like those birds. black feathers on them, but that wont really help, would it.

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