• The Evils of Cocaine

    This is story of Johnny Cokehead. Johnny was married, two kids, had an awesome job as a medical physician. One day when he was walking home he spotted a nice looking flower he thought that his daughter would love it so he plucked it and out came a weird looking clown. He was dressed in green with a velvet hat and white make up all over him. He laughed happily at the sight of Johnny.
    “Who are you, and what do you want? Johnny asked nervously.
    “Well I’m doctor cocaine and you released me from that god forsaken flower. So now I shall give u some of my makeup that makes you as happy as can be.” Doctor cocaine chuckled.
    “A powder that can make me as happy as I want. HELL YEAH! Wait am I only going to get a certain amount or something?” Johnny asked.
    “Why no ill give you as much as you want. You just have to keep doing things for me if you want more.” Doctor cocaine smiled.
    “Sure what do I have to do with the powder to feel the effect?” Johnny asked.
    “Snort it.”Doctor cocaine replied. Johnny than snorted the powder instantly making Johnny feel excitement all through his body. Everyday from than on Johnny kept doing weird things for the Doctor just for the powder. He became a slave to the Doctor leaving his family, his job, and his life behind for the powder. Until one day the doctor said to Johnny he had no more tasks for Johnny to do so he couldn’t give him the powder. Furious Johnny kills the doctor and finds out that the plant that the doctor had was the powder so Johnny plants a farm of these and snorts a whole pile of it at once killing him in the process. Later raiders pillaged the farm finding out the secret of the powder and called it cocaine which it spread fast around the whole world and now is called cocaine for the doctor who created it.