• I was walking through Kaila Park and I notice a soft humming sound. It must have come from the tree nearby, but I was too curious to ignore it. I climbed into the willow, following the sound as it got louder and greater. I climbed, but not higher sort of farther.
    I came to a door and slowly opened it as the door creaked I quickly stopped. I listened with my ear to the opening. I heard an Italian mobster and a little Irish man. The mobster whispered “you don’t know how much you use your thumbs until you don’t got them no more.”
    I burst through the little door and exclaimed “Get your hands off him knave!” oh gee I’ve always wanted to say that!
    “We are practicing for our school play!” said the Irish man in his cute little Irish accent. “I want to be alone with him now unless you have our pizza with extra anchovies! “
    I said “okay bye I don’t need your anchovy loving stink on me!” after that I traveled that tree every day one after another, but I never thought of the supernatural world around us.
    I hope you take this amazing adventure to your perspective and try new things, travel your world, and be adventurous