• later one day in the afternoon of sunsday,the messanger comes to the house with a message for daja.
    "daja,youve got a letter."
    daja came downstairs,mad about being disturbed during her work.
    "thank-you,ill read it in my room"
    daja settles down on her bed and opens the letter and reads.
    i have found evidence that the fires are being set.you might have noticed that when you went into the burning house,there was some spells on the floor and walls.i would like you,in your sparetime,to go to the stable and the house that burned down and investigate the property.if its not too much to ask.
    thank you,
    bennat landrun'
    daja grabbed her outdoor clothes and her traders staff.it was 5 foot solid ebony and had a metal capping on the head and toe.on the capping,was her traders story written in traders language.it talked about being a castaway when the ship sank and her family drowned,her teachers she had,and the pride people can have today knowing they are getting a good deal.daja went down to the slush room,and put on her coat,scarf,gloves and hat.she did not want to use up all her powers to heat herself.she took her skates and went outside.she sat on the bench and put on her skates.she took off and landed splat in a snow bank.everyone was looking at were she had fallen,you could see her entire body shape,all down to the fingers.she sped off.

    arriving at the stable,she looked around.nothing suggested that it was a set fire.she turned around and saw something shine.she picked it up.
    "its a smithing hammer,used by non-mages who want to learn about smithing and fire...maybe i can find some fingerprints."
    she left and went to the house.