• Matthias Sohiri awakened to the sound of the most irritating alarm clock in the world: his. He pressed the 'off' button, and got out of his bed. He walked over to his dresser, and pulled out a pair of loose-legged pants, a long sleeve shirt, and the white trench coat that he loved so much. He put on the pants over the boxers he had slept in, and looked in the mirror.
    His silver-white hair hung down over one eye, bringing out the blue-green color in the eye that wasn't covered. He was built, but not extremely muscular. He had a slight tan, but only slight, because, most of the time in Aeryndell, it was cloudy. He also had glossy, jet black wings that were loved by the girls at school. He'd had no problem with the pants, but, because of his wings, the shirt and trench coat were irritating to put on. They had holes in the back for his wings, but, because of the awkward position he had to put his wings in to get them through those holes, it could be quite a hassle.
    His brother, Rasputen, poked his head in the door, and said "Hey, bro, hurry up, or we're gonna be late for school."
    "Alright, I'll be down in a sec." Matthias replied, shaking his head.
    School was all Rasputen cared about, most of the time. Their parents had died when they were small, and since then, Rasputen had given his all to his schoolwork. Matthias had merely moved on.
    He walked out of his room and down the stairs, into the kitchen where Rasputen was eating. As Matthias fixed himself a bowl of cereal, he asked "So, what classes have you got today?"
    The students at Dark Fates Acedemy had very erratic schedules. They chose the classes they wanted to take, and those classes were divided up in the five day school week.
    "War Simulation, Combat Tactics, and General Strategy." Rasputen was training to go into the Raevik, or Elite Corps. "What about you?" he asked Matthias.
    "Alchemy, Martial Combat, and Underworld Training." Matthias replied.