• Full moons? Bull s**t. Bloody Mary? Bull s**t. "Ghosts"? Bullshit. Who he hell believes in any of that s**t anyway? It's all made up, like Santa Claus. Don't make me laugh, what fat a** do you know who can fit down a 3x4 chimney. All who believe in all those things are losers, at least that's what I always thought. I always believed it was a bunch of s**t. The only thing I believed in, was life. Life. My life, living next to a loony goofy from cartoonies. That loserface was always playing with chainsaws. And if he couldn't get to a chainsaw, he was doing something else incredibly stupid and not-normal. My mother always constantly criticized him. Ha, what a hypocrite, she herself almost went "loony" when dad left us. But hey what can you do,right?

    Anyway, that one night, ha, no rain, no full moon. Just a normal average everyday night. Outside I heard loony revving up his chainsaw. My mom had left to go to "buy groceries". Bull s**t. What middle-aged mom goes out to buy groceries and comes back with more money. I knew what she was doing, but I kept my mouth shut. Anyway, when she left, I fell asleep, I didn't want to see my mom come inside complaining about how dirty she felt.When I woke she wasn't home. Busy night? Long line and Publix? Too many groceries? Eh, why the hell would I care. I didn't worry about it too much,how ever, I did wonder about it. She never came back so late before. Outside, loony was still revving his chainsaw.

    It was now 8:00 pm. What the hell was taking her so damn long!? I was really starting to get aggravated with that b***h. She does have a damn kid you know! I knew I couldn't let my anger get to me, but it was happening anyway. I hate to admit it, but I was worried about.Loony was still revving his chainsaw, he had been doing that all day. I didn't think it was going to stop anytime soon. I got up and went to take a shower.

    Nice, steamy, hot. I loved it,even though i really hated going to this bathroom, my mom is a horny slut, she could have been doing anything in here, but I tried not to think about that too much. As I got out of the shower it hit me,what...what the hell? what happened to loony and his chainsaw? It was only 8:30...why did he stop? I didn't think about it too much...but the silence was really getting to me.Silence....quiet.....silence. I got dressed and went downstairs to the living room.Silence...quiet....silence.It was just so awkward. Just nothing but.....silence. I glanced toward the window. Something moved behind the glass. Raccoon? But that can't be, the movement was more like a slither, an evil-like slither. You know, like when you see a person move, you can just tell their evil by the way they walk.You don't say they walked past you, you say they slithered.

    So anyway, that thing, what ever it was, I didn't want it near me, I didn't want to be near it. I dropped the subject. My mom always said I was ignorant, I ignored that too.I went to the kitchen to make myself some cereal to eat. CLASH! VRRM VRRM VRRM! The sound of the chainsaw howled in the night! What the hell? This isn't the chainsaw massacre! What the ******** was going on!? The sound of the chainsaw came closer to the kitchen. I stayed where I was, ignorant, yet so curious, ever meet that combination? The thing came into the kitchen. Well no hockey mask. "Loony?"..no...no way...loony didn't have hair like that....but I couldn't really tell. Everything about the thing was messed up. It's wild and messed up hair covered must of its face. But from what i could see, it had fresh scars and bruises....I was blanking out... I couldn't concentrate, the hair just kept coming back to me. I knew I had seen that hair before. The thing revved up the chainsaw again, as it spun it looked like it was tracing large red ovals in the air.

    s**t. I ran upstairs to the bathroom and locked the door. Dumb a**. Chainsaw versus locked door, I was beginning to feel like the blonds in the movies. But it was all I had. The image of the hair kept coming back to..The...the only one I knew who had hair like that was....I eyes widened in disbelief. My MOTHER!!! Boy, this would be a story to tell to the police....ha..ha ha...I knew it wasn't the time for sarcasm, I just couldn't help myself, the irony of it all. The chainsaw revved up again and I watched as the door was massacred to pieces. Try to talk through to her? I don't think so, I wanted to get my a** out of there. I jumped out the two feet window and ran. I ran, and I ran, and I ran. Strangely the chainsaw was right behind me. What the hell? I jumped out a ******** window with a head start and already....I stopped...something was stopping me from moving. I felt the cold hands on my arms. Red ovals was traced though the night, but was dulled out by the color of red that stained all the grass. I fell into a deep sleep...and I woudn't be waking up.