• Danero Minante and their new companion Mitaku are now on the road heading to a place where they can stay until they can get to there home town. They rest at the top of the hill for lunch and when they get all settled down they hear a scream and Danero and Minante get ready to fight then they see a little girl comeing towards them but behind her are several demons. Danero gets his gun Ranazo and starts shooting at the demons trying not to hit the girl then Minante goes at the demons with the Dark Ruler and slashes them and they vanish. Danero and Minante both think 'Why did they vanish?' They go over to the girl and Minante asks her, "Are you alright they didnt hurt you did they?"
    The girl shakes her head, "No." Minante says, "ok we'll take you back home to your parents alright?" The girl nods. Minante Danero and Mitaku pack up and they go to the girls house. On they way there she notices Mitaku looks different from Danero and Minante and she goes over to him and says, "Hello who are you?" Mitaku looks at her and smiles and says, "Hey I'm Mitaku." The girl smiles back and says, "I'm Lisa." she says still smileing then says, "Why are you traveling with these guys?" Mitaku looks up at them and says, "Because they saved my life." Lisa looks at them then looks back at him and says, "They seem kinda scary." Mitaku replies, "Yeah they look like it but they are real nice once you get to know them." Then none talks till they get to Lisa's house which doesnt look so bad and her parents where loking for her and she runs up to them and the both shout, "LISA where have you been?" She tells them all about the demons that were chaseing here an how Danero and Minante saved her life. Then her parents looks up at them and thanks them and say, "please stay here for the night its the least we can do for saveing our daughters life."
    So Danero, Minante, and Mitaku stay the night there Danero tells Mitaku, "The girl seems to really like you." Mitaku blushes even though he already knew that. Later that night Mitaku hears something strange and goes to see what it is and follows the sound and hears two people talking, "those little minion demons couldnt get it so now we have to do it ourselves." Mitaku quickly goes and tell Danero what he heard and then it proves that his suspisions were correct that he believed there was a demonic pressence somewhere in this house. That night they hear a scream comeing from Lisa's room and rush there to find to uperclass demons there getting read to attack her. "Don't Worry Lisa we will make this quick and painless" the demons say.Lisa says in a scared tone, "H-h-how do you know my name?" The demons reply, "oh you knows us well." Then demon gets closer but the Danero shoots off one shot and stops the demons for a second and they say in an angered tone, "I knew you would be a newsence we should get rid of you first." The Demons attack Danero but he dodges and soots at the and danero says, "Mitaku get the girl and get out of here now!!" Mitaku does what hes told but the demons attempt to stop him "NO!!! we need her to complete it." Danero stops them and shoots them both in the leg "Don't leave the party is just getting started." Mitaku heres gun shots comeing from the room and runs with Lisa but suddenly a demon appears out of nowhere and goes to attack them and Minante appears out of nowhere and attacks the demon and destroys it. "what did i miss?" Hearing the gun shots he realizes and takes Mitaku and Lisa with him. "where are we going?" Mitaku asks. Minante replies, "you'll see soon enough." They go into this hidden cavern that is glowing with a strange rock and then there are to bodies in the center frozen in ice. Mitaku looks at them and notices that they are Lisa's parents and says confused, "but then who where those two people we met earlier?" Minante replies, " apparently they were demons and this is some sort of gate that needs a human sacrafice to work." The two demons appear at the entrance and say, "now all of you will become sacrafices to the GATE!!!" Minante takes his sword the dark ruler out and fights the demons but the suddenly over power him and they say in a evil tone, "Hahahaha you cannot defeat us we are to powerful." then suddenly on of them jumps back and is out of sight the other still holding Minante off. Out of the blue Danero comes out holding the demons head and says in a pissed off tone, " you don't mess with me and live." Minante deflects the demons back and Danero grabs it and rips its head off. Right when that happens Lisa's parents are unfrozen and wake up. the next morning Danero Mitaku and Minante pack up and leave saying there good byes and then Lisa goes up to Mitaku and gives him something, "I made this for you." she smiles at him. Mitakue take it and smiles back then they leave. Later he take the thing she gave him and opens it and its a drawing of him and her with the word "Friends Forever" writen over the top. While hes leaveing he smiles.