• Up through the dark shadows a old lady was found dead how can this be. She had scratch and bite marks on her ,wait theres something in her hand. Well whats it say, look behind you. (SHANK!)right in the throught an axe layed ,between the eyes was a card. (screeech thump!) a car stoped ,wa wa wat the hell wait a card (Shank) (Bang Bang) thaty was close aww screw the card i got to call the chief and ill get a raise . Ring, ring, ring, (SLICE) awwwwwww my hand!!!!!!!!! (bang bang bang bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbangg) the mystios guy fell the cop yanked the axe out of the other guys head and (slat) he cut the mystiose guys brain open.The chief answered hellow?Hellow any 1 there ? Chief come down here quick i found out how the old lady got killed this guy in a white hokey mask that says Glaze dragon in bold letters.The chief came down and they got the clues ,nice job boy,thank you sir.You diserve a raise here take my job.
    Well he became chief he loved it after 20 years the chief got older but sad news is the old chief died of a heart attack.
    The thing that matters is that he died in his sleep.