• Prologue

    I couldn't believe that my one and only brother is dead.
    That's right, dead. He was hit by a drunk driver on his way to college that night. That's why I woke up screaming and had a feeling that something was wrong with Jaden. When I asked my father if Jaden was alright, he said yes and that he was already at college. So I just let it go. But I still had this big empty feeling in my heart. Like Jaden was missing and I had the feeling that I would never see him again.

    I found out from Shelby. Remember that Shelby's father is a doctor? Well, he just so happened to be the one taking care of Jaden until...that's right...until his heart just...stopped.
    Shelby said that her father called her and told her the bad news.
    It was about 2 in the morning and we're outside in the pouring rain, holding on to eachother.
    "I can't believe he's dead, Victoria!" Shelby was now screaming. I guess she screamed louder than I thought because my dad came running out of the house toward us looking back and forth between Shelby and I.
    With Shelby's hand in mine, I looked straight into my dad's eyes, "You lied! Jaden isn't okay! He never made it to college! And I'll never see my brother again! Because...because..." A lump formed into my throat. I couldn't say anything anymore.
    What was Sebastian Doing? I was making my way inside with my dad and Shelby. Did he feel it too that night? The feeling of losing someone close? Did he dream what I dreamed? Losing Jaden? I couldn't stop thinking these thoughts. Jaden was like a brother to Sebastian. He's the one who helped Sebastian stay in control all those high school years when his abusive father got worse. So...so...
    "Victoria hunny, I was trying to protect you." My dad's hoarse voice interrupted my thoughts.
    "Pro-protect me?! Dad!" I dropped Shelby's hand, "You thought I wouldn't have found out?! I think it would have been better if you told me the truth when I asked about him!" I was so angry with my dad for lying to me. I felt all the hapiness that Sebastian help me find fading away. "Oh, please please let this be a dream."
    The problem was, I knew this wasn't a dream. Everything was real. The pain, Jaden's death, the crying sky, everything. I lost my whole life. Because the closest person I've ever had is now...dead.