• "Legand has it that every person who goes into this forest, never comes back out..."


    "Why did I agree to this? Oh yeah, because I'm desperate for friends." The moon shown brightly in the night sky. Marcy could see the moon through the trees as she walked into the forest with the girls who dared her to go into the woods, laughing in the background. She could faintly hear a wolf howl in the distance. A bat flew over her head and landed ona branch in front of her. All it seemed to do was stare at her as she walked by.

    She kept on walking untill she stepped into a clearing and stopped. She felt strange, like someone was watching her. A shiver ran down her spine as a figure ran twards her. That was the last thing she remembered.


    When she woke up she had a bad feeling but she couldn't place it. She got up and walked out of the forest. Little did she know that one of the creatures that lived in the forest had tacken a liking to her.


    As I walked out of the forest I heard car engines. "They've left me, I know it." I thought. Sure enough they were gone and I had to walk home by myself.
    The next morning I still didn't feel my best but I went to school anyways.

    Everything was fine till gym when one of the guys scraped his arms and knees. I suddenly felt some pull twards the blood but pulled back and into the bathroom.

    My arms were shaking as I leaned on the sink. I looked up into the mirror and saw that my face was pale. I opened my mouth to see two of my teeth had grown longer and sharper than the rest. I couldn't take it anymore and ran home to shut myself in my room. What was happening to me?


    I don't know what drew me back but I had to go into that forest to the clearing again. Everything seemed fine untill I heard that voice.

    "So you came back."

    Out of the woods came the owner of the voice.