• Her pale skin shown in the moonlight and her red eyes seemed to glow from behind her black hair. She had a long black and red dress on. When she smiled I could see the fangs in her mouth.

    "Who are you?" I tenitively asked.

    "You don't remember? I'm the woman from last night before you passed out." she simply stated.

    Now I was scared. "What did you do to me?"

    "Why, I simply added you to my family."

    Hw could she be so calm when I was shaking with nerves."What do you mean, 'your family'?"

    Follow me and I will show you." with that she walked back into the woods. Not knowing what to do, I followed. She lead me far into the forest; so far I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to find my way out. Before too long we came across a hole with a ladder leading far into the earth. She carefully made her way down the ladder and I followed after.

    When I reached the bottom I looked aroud and saw a large city. All the houses were generally the same size but the very first one as about four times bigger. That one had to be their leaders. On the other side of the city were stores and theatres. Children played in the street and adults moved about the city; some working, others just having a good time with others. All of this was happening underground, at night, with all of them doning pale skin. I suddenly realized,

    "Your vampires."


    She lead me into the largest home that I had thought was their leaders. The first room was large enough to fit everyone in the whole city. There was a balchaney at the front that the speaker would probably stand.

    "This is our City Hall. Beyond those doors leads to my and my assistants home." She lead me to the double doors at the end of the hall.

    "Your the leader aren't you?"I quietly asked.

    "Yes, queen to be exact. Your starting to catch on. We are going to meet my assistant. She will find what job suites you best." I followed her down a hall and into a small room. The rrom was dimly lit and dark colored. There were few candles and in the middle of the room sat a girl about my age, maye seventeen.

    Her legs were folded under and to the side of her. She had on a red haulter top with a black vest over it, and fish net under it. The fish net fell off her shoulders and her uper arms her bare. She had fingerless gloves and more fish net that came up to her elbows. She had a red, studed belt over a pleated skirt over red and black knee socks. Her black hair seemed to spike out from one place on her head and fall around her shoulders. She had a young face but her eyes were that of someone who had lived longer than they wished to. They were red and fading to black as though she was going blind and they showed no emotion or thought.

    She looked at me for only a second then spoke with a smooth yet old voice. "Bring her to Deiz." with that she closed her eyes and seemed to be asleep. I looked to the Queen who had a bewithered look on her face, but she quickly regained her compotier and stepped out of the room .

    As we walked out she walked much faster and is was hard to keep up to her. She lead me to a house that was right next to her own. She didn't bother to knock on the door but just walked in.

    "Deiz!" she yelled as she came in.

    "What do you want?" came from another room. Then through a doorway he came.