• Sam awoke drenched in a cold sweat, shaken from a bad dream he had experienced. He looked to the other side of his bed, to see a beautiful young woman sound asleep beside him. He did not remember falling asleep with her, but he knew who she was.

    For the past four years she had been leading him on, to use him for comfort when she was depressed, little did she know that he would have listened to her without the promises of intimacy, but there were times when she would get inside his house in the middle of the night and fall asleep next to him.

    Sam sat up in the bed, looking towards the bedroom door, it was open just a crack. Now, Sam likes to keep his door closed, this woman knows that and usually closes the door behind her. So he stood up and walked toward the door, opening it slowly and peeking out past it's edge. He saw nothing beyond it but the heavily shaded hallway. He glanced at the clock on his night table which read two thirty a.m..

    Suddenly the door was thrown open and Sam was tossed backward in the air to fall flat on his back as a chilled air rushed into the room. Strong winds pounded against the house outside, shaking it and making eerie noises against it. Outside, Sam could hear trees cracking and falling.

    There was an incredibly bright flash of light along with a deafening booming sound, which made the ground quake. By this time the girl had been woken by all the racket, and a burnt tree, it's roots and all, tore through the house, and was lifted up by the strong winds, along with much of the debris that it created, though many shards of glass had made their way into many random places in Sam's body.

    Suddenly the earth was calm, no more winds, no more lightning, but there was an incredible bright source of light, beyond the brightness of the sun, lighting up the sky, making it pure white in color. Sam could clearly see the tree which destroyed his house, falling back to the earth, and it crushed the rest of his bedroom, killing the woman within. In the distance Sam could hear the sirens of many emergency vehicles racing around town. He looked down at his chest, and saw many pieces of glass sticking out of it, and he blacked out.

    He awoke in a hospital, a nurse stood over him, dressing his wounds. After a few moments, the door opened for another nurse coming in with a tray of food, and as this was happening, a woman in labor was rushed by. Sam began to sit up.

    "Stay still, Mr. Leon." The nurse said. "You will be fine, but I need to finish this before you can sit up."

    "Were you awake to know that your wife was crushed by a tree?" The other nurse asked.

    "I was, but she is not my wife." Sam responded in a weak voice.

    "Well, okay." The nurses finished their jobs, and left Sam to his food, and the television. Many hours had passed before the electricity went out, and a loud bugle call rang out from outside.