• Aren walking through town like he does everyday, saying his daily hellos to everyone in town. He started to walk back to his farm, when he got a suspicious feeling he was being followed. This feeling was new to him, he would never suspect a regular villager to be following him. He quickened his pace has he walked. He heard footsteps hastily follow him from behind. He quickly pulled out his bow, swiftly turned around and shot two arrows. The man behind him grinned, pulled out his sword and elegantly deflected the arrows with his sword. Aren stopped running and turned to face his opponent, he quickly shot 4 arrows. The man quickly deflected those arrows with his sword. The man chuckled.
    "Whats so funny?" Aren Asked.
    "Don't you remember me 'Old' Friend" Asked the man.
    "Frankly I don't remember you." Said Aren.
    "Well then let me re-introduce myself," Said the man "My name is Doom."
    Aren remembered who this man was as soon as the name slipped out of his mouth. His old and beloved friend had perished in battle by Aren's side. Aren was devistated at the loss of his friend.
    "Impossible, I saw you perish in battle against that orc" Said Aren.
    "I can assure you I did not perish, I merely faked my death" Said Doom.
    "But why betray the Imperial Knights?" Asked Aren.
    "Simple, I had a fate that did not include the Imperial Knights" Said Doom.
    Quickly without warning Doom strode quickly across the field and swiped at Aren with his sword. Aren reacting in time dropped his wooden bow and pulled out his sword deflected the blow. Sparks went flying. Aren swiftly striked out at Doom, hitting him square in the shoulder. Doom wounded decided it was time to end the fight. Doom grinned and chuckled.
    "So long old friend," Said Doom. "maybe next time we can just sit and talk."
    Uttering a single word Doom Vanished. Aren was left standing there flabberghasted at what just happened. Aren determined that this was to be a new chapter in his life, and it wasn't going to be an easy rode to ride.
    Picking up his things he walked off, on a dark and quiet path.