• An 8-year-old girl plodded along the city sidewalk, head down and tears running down her face. Busy men and women pushed their way through the crowds to get to their jobs. The girl had nowhere to go. A teenager flagged down a taxi. No taxis noticed the girl. A toddler dropped his ice cream and sobbed. No one sobbed as hard and silently as the girl. A proud little poodle strutted by with its owners. The girl had nobody to look after her. It was like everybody walked right through her. Well, in truth, that's exactly what they did. They couldn't see her, couldn't feel her, couldn't hear her.

    The little girl was invisible. Like a ghost, she wandered the bustling little town day and night, looking for answers. She was cold, confused, and all alone. Somehow, she'd become an orphan overnight. She had woken up one December morning unable to see or feel herself. She went to her parents room and tried to tell them, but they didn't wake up. She yelled as loud as her little lungs would let her, but still no results. An hour later, her parents woke up, but the girl couldn't let them know she was there. She tapped them. She stood in front of them and waved her arms. She screamed and stomped. They didn't see her. Eventually, the girl's parents panicked because they thought their only daughter was missing. They dashed outside to search for their child. Moments later, the girl heard the screeching of tires, yelps, and then silence. Just like that, the girl was on her own.

    Three days had passed since the incident. The story of the car crash and the missing girl had reached the front page of every newspaper. The girl groped her way into the woods of the city park and collapsed on the ground. Flakes of snow began to fall and the air grew colder. The girl could not manage to get a hold of any food or water. Shelter didn't matter now. She was as good as gone. Dead. Forgotten. She wept and pounded the ground in agony. Looking for a miracle, she opened her eyes.

    The girl saw a flower in front of her, which was strange. It was the middle of winter, so how could there be a flower there? She reached forward to grasp it, but knew that it would be no use. Much to her surprise, she was able to pick it up. The flower seemed to whisper to the girl. Stay here in the woods. The girl frowned and listened harder. You can live forever in these woods. You are gone from the outside world, but you can survive here. The girl held the flower up to her ear. Learn to survive with nature and you can unravel the mysteries of your disappearance. This wasn't an accident. This was meant to happen. You are the only one who can do this.....