• I was sitting in the middle of the grass outside my house. There was a bumpy blanket- that had been used and washed many times- over a good majority of my body. It didn't matter, I was still cold on the inside. The thing is is that there were actually alot of the officers that made an effortto cheer me up or to say hi. It reminded me of the way my sister would try to cheer me up.
    This officer that would not talk to me was told to escort me to myparent's lawyer's building/office. He helped me up but I was sensing he was a mute or something.
    When we got the officer helped me out. Tears were flowing down my face still. When we got into the building, well, first of all: It smelt like old people.
    Second of all: It was stuffy and warm. The annoying kind of warm.
    Thrid of all: I hated it!!!
    My parent's laywer was sitting at her desk when we walked in.

    "Oh Aileen! I heard about your whole block's . . . 'accident'." She said as if she couldn't call it anything else/wanted to call it something else. I stared in disgust. "Well let's get to buisness. Better that way right? Let's see . . . In the will it says you get their . . . Fortune . . . Your mother's favorite necklace . . . Your father's CD collection . . . Oh and Get this!" She screeched. I was getting annoyed with the happy act. I could tear her face off right now.

    "What?" I asked coldly. That wasn't my voice! It wasn't mine at all! It sounded lost and confused and horrible and sad! What was happening?!

    "Your movingin with your grandparents!" She shouted. She got no response from me so continued. "In Germany!" She shouted not as enuthiastically.

    My jaw dropped. "NO! I can't move! I have a life here! And friends and all my memories are . . . here . . . " I said slowly as I thought about my bad memories. There was the fact of my past relationship. I use to drink away all my problems. I never found love. My parent's were killed. And my good memories. I got a some-what warm fuzzy feeling remembering those. I wiped tears away.

    "Go home. Get packed and get rest. We've made the call." she patted me on the shoulder and sent me off.

    Turns out the cop had to stay outside and keep watch off me. I packed, angerily, got hardly any rest, and had to get up super earlyin the morning. I didn't catch my breakfast because I was pouting around and yelling at the mute cop. I thought long and hard about running away from this plane but I figured I should go see my grandparents. The guilt would eat me slowly if I didn't and I'd be more suicidal than ever. So here I am, gettingon my flight.

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    I must remind you that this is a tokio hotel FANfic. Use your imagination if you don't like them. Don't stop liking the story just because THEY'RE in here! Keep READING!