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    Her day had finally come. She had known it would be coming for quite some time now, and she was internally glad about it. She was finally going to avenge her family. After over a decade of searching and gaining strength, it was finally her day. She walked casually and calmly, thoughts rushing through her head like the black stallion of death as she neared the site that HE was staying. She couldn't wait...

    And that was what messed up her entire plan.
    As she neared the area he was at (A large cathedral that looked much like a dome that people would be sacrificed in), she had accidentally set off a trap by stepping into an invisible string. It was one of the easiest traps to avoid, yet she fell right into it simply because she wanted to make sure he didn't leave while she was watching her steps. The man looked over, quite confused as he heard a small explosion behind him. As the only entrance was demolished, he was the slim figure of Chara dodging the attack by jumping backwards in the air, making a single flip and twist in the air so she landed facing away from the man. She spun around on her heels to face him, her eyes burning with hatred.

    "So...I take it you're here to get your revenge. Am I correct?" The man asked casually. He was a tall broad-shouldered man, with dark skin and neatly cropped hair with a small ponytail on the nape of his neck. There were two large scars on his face; One that went from his left ear to the right side of his chin, and the other going straight down the middle of his forehead to the tip of his nose. Chara had memorized those scars perfectly from the many different times she had seen him, and for how long he held her captive as a ransom against her family. Chara carefully put her hand behind her back as she sidestepped around him. "You're gonna die today. I swear" She said, almost a whisper as she formed an orb on energy behind her back.

    With a smirk, the man suddenly appeared behind her, one hand holding her wrist to make sure she didn't hit him with it while the other arm wrapped around her neck to choke her if she tried to move "I'll tell you now you can't win this" He said, suddenly kneeing her in the back and letting go, which sent her tumbling a couple yards away. "Cause you're way too slow" He said with a chuckle and appeared in front of her, squatting down a bit at where she was lying. He went to lift her chin up to see if she was already knocked out, but she suddenly bit his hand. He made a startled scream from the sudden pain and tried to yank his hand away, but in the process she ripped off a good amount of skin from three of his fingers. Spitting the bloody skin out she gracefully got back onto her feet, wiping his blood from her mouth. She watched him hold onto his hand tightly, willing the pain to ease away. He looked towards her with hatred in her eyes "I think...I picked this spot on purpose. I knew you would come here" He said, a smile slowly forming on his face. He knew she would trigger the trap, and he knew that they would be all alone when he killed her. The only thing he wasn't expecting was for her to bite his hand...

    Chara, deciding that using her special powers would take too long, instead took out her Wakizashi, holding it in front of her. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes "Did you come here," She started, her eyes suddenly opening as she tightened her grip on her Wakizashi "To watch me BURN!?!" She yelled as she suddenly burst into flames, which was one of her well known 'powers'. She charged towards him, making every step count, and made a nice sweeping motion with her small sword. The man backed up quickly, not able to focus on teleporting at the moment. He did manage to dodge the attack, and froze her feet to the ground. He was tired of having to worry about her, and he figured that this was going to be the end.

    The man failed to realize that Chara was on fire, and she easily melted away the ice around her feet. "I'll let it show that I'm not always hiding" She said and tumbled rolled towards him, slightly cutting his feet in the process. That was the mistake that killed her. The man kicked her as she tumbled, using the now puddle of water on the ground to douse the blond adolescence of the fire that surrounded her. Her sword tumbled away, and as she reached for it he stomped on her arm, causing a large snapping sound underneath his foot as her semi-fragile bone shattered. She screamed in pain, and he just pressed down harder and harder until it looked like she was going to cry. He lifted his foot, and she tried to roll away as she pulled her arm towards herself but he put his foot down on her lower back, forcing her to the ground. She bit her lower lip to keep herself from screaming again, and eventually blood was pouring down her lip as he slowly put more and more pressure on her back, making it crack a couple times but never snapping it in half.

    He then sat down on her back, taking out his own sword and pressing it lightly against the back of her neck "You know...If you were just that much smarter you could have easily beaten me" She turned her head so it was laying sideways on the cold stone floor of the Cathedral "Oh...Y-Yeah? H-H-How...S-So?" She said between sputters of blood and tears, knowing better than to even try and move anymore. He leaned down low enough that she would be able to hear his whisper "You could have brought a friend" He said, then ended it all.