• My brother is a bright young boy. He has a bright future ahead for him. I just can’t wait and see. Though I might be a little...okay very much jealous of him. I vile him for his sense of adventure.

    One night when he arrived home he saw some thing he shouldn’t. Well...according to him that is. I thought he was making stuff up. He said he saw this huge centaur and it was blue. Well his word specifically were that he saw a “blue horse-guy”. Anyway he described to me that the “blue horse guy” had a blade on its tail. Strange...I thought. Then he said there were many flat worms in a pool. He also said that mommy and daddy dipped their heads into the pool.

    You know how little boys are...pretending and imaginary friends, and all that. He was all shriveled up in a dark corner rocking himself back and forth like he saw a ghost of some sort.

    He scared me out of my wits!! Why would a little boy just sulk in a corner. That is not normal one bit.

    He strangely disappeared one time but my parents didn’t mind at all. All they kept saying was: “He’ll come back, don’t worry honey.” Like I said, I didn’t trust them, even if they were my parents. Aliens probably stole their bodies. I always joked. I never knew how right I was.

    I ran away that night. At the stroke of midnight, did I run away. Finally I was free. I knew what dangers were to be avoided, what dangers to be made. For a girl who has never left her house for so long...this is a huge deal. I’m not one of the preppy girls you see down the street. I’m more self kept and under-confident due to my many years of being bullied.

    So that’s my life story. I don’t consider myself beautiful or anything for that matter. If I am even notice people describe me as plain. I have golden brown hair, my eyes are a perpetual icy blue color. I have rosy cheeks and pink lips, I also have a upturned nose and high jaw line I get from my mother.

    I may not be the smartest person in the world, but at least I know some stuff that could fit me for survival.

    I don’t know where I am...anymore. It’s raining and it’s so foggy. I can’t see a thing I feel like I’m blinded. I huffing an wheezing around aimlessly until I see a light. I see it...dimly in the shadows. As it gets closer I could see a shape forming.

    “I’m over here!!” I said hoarsely to the shadow.

    It gone closer and closer till I see the shadow of a girl about my age. I fainted.

    As I woke up to a light shinning on my face. I rub my eyes continuously. The blurry image turned sharper and more detailed. I could see the person who was trying to get a piece of bread into my mouth.

    I couldn’t talk my mouth was too dry. I tried to say something but all it came out was a small croak.

    “Shhh... Drink this.” The person was a girl. She had dark brown skin and huge brown eyes. She held a glass of water to my hands. I cupped around the cup shaking it until I finally brought it up to my lips... Ah the cool, cold water rushed down my throat, as I gulped it all down rapidly.

    “Who are you...” I muttered.

    “Shhh... Sleep. You really need it. Ask you’re questions later.” She said.

    “Your name...?” I asked.

    “I am Cassie.” She said as my head felt dizzy again.

    Black mist enveloped me as I slipped out of consciousness. Bit by bit...