• “Have we gone far enough?” Jessica asked over the howl of the wind.
    “No. Try to get over the National Forest.” Kevin yelled back.
    The two furries were on the run after exposing them selves as freaks. They had to get away from the area they were in or else the Government would find them. Freaks are not allowed to use their powers, even in defense, if the powers are harmful like Kevin's. Jessica would be ok but because Kevin’s powers could kill, the Government would ruin his life in ayn way legally aloud. Knowing that the school has called both of their parents with what happened today, he waited for the cell-phone call. Coincidentally just as he thought about it, he felt the phone buzz in his pocket. Knowing that not only would his parents be not be able to hear him, he didn’t answer knowing that it would also be tapped. After about two hours, Kevin started to see the green of the National Forest below him. Thinking they went far enough Kevin asks Jessica to land. Giving a quick nod, the vixen swooped down and landed on her feat, setting Kevin down first. As soon as both of them are on the ground, Kevin pulls out his cell phone. He saw he had a new message, most likely from his mother.
    “Honey are you alright? Please call me. I heard what happened and I need to know your alright. Please call. I love you. Bye.” Kevin’s mother said.
    A tear rolled down his cheek as heard the background noise of agents scrambling to get information on where the two are. The Kitsune looked at Kevin, but the wolf just shook his head. Deciding that they shouldn’t stay in one place for too long, they chose to stay in there for a while to rest. Kevin gathered some dry wood and made a spark to start a fire. After staying for about three hours, the two decide to head out. They started to head east towards the Indian reservation.
    “I don’t know if I can make all the way.” the vixen shouted with obvious strain in her voice, panting in time with her beat of her wings.
    “That’s ok. You only have to make it a few more miles.”
    “Ok. I’ll try. Could I have some water thou-” Jessica started to say.
    Looking up, he saw the vixen start to droop. Not understanding, he saw a dart in her neck. Pulling it out quickly, he smelled it. A sleeping dart. He suddenly felt himself dropping. Jessica was out cold so she couldn’t fly, or land. He quickly grabbed her and tucked her into his arms with his back facing the ground. With all the energy he could summon in that one instant, he tried to create an electromagnetic field around the vixen, trying to negate the earth’s gravity. Slowing their decent to about 15 miles per hour, Kevin braced himself for impact. The cold ground hit him with a hard thump. Feeling a throb in the side of his head, he felt blood trickle down. Looking over at Jessica, he saw that she was unharmed. A rustling in the bushes startled Kevin, as he whipped his head around to find he had hurt his neck. Seeing two furries approach, Kevin saw one of them had a dart gun, the one responsible for the previous dart.
    “Take them both. It’s too dangerous to have them just lay here.” one of the two said, obviously male.
    Kevin felt scaled hand lift him up. The second person was some kind of reptile. As the first person turned and whistled, seven more furries came out and helped pick Jessica up. As three more came to lift the wolf up, Kevin slowly felt consciousness slip from his mind.
    Kevin awoke to a throbbing in his head. He remembered the crash and how his head started to bleed. Felling it now he still felt blood, but the gash stopped bleeding about an hour ago. He checked his braces. Still intact, but they gave him a nice cut in his mouth. Then he remembered the people who had made them fall. “Jessica!” he thought. Jumping up he found himself in a room about the size of an average bedroom. Seeing a door, he tried to open it but it was locked.
    “Jessica!” he called into the door, hoping she could here him through the door.
    “Jessica!” he called louder.
    “JESSICA!” he screamed at the top of his lungs, trying to force the door down.
    “He’s awake.” he heard a voice outside the door call. It sounded female.
    “Open the door.” another voice said. Kevin recognized this voice as the same voice he heard early in the woods.
    Kevin was ready to attack at any moment. To his surprise, a small male mouse came in. He had grey fur and red eyes. He was wearing an old blue shirt that looked liked something that homeless people would wear. He was also wearing blue jeans with holes in them. Many scars adorned the mouse’s face.
    “Who are you?” Kevin said as menacingly as possible with the strength he could muster.
    This made the mouse jump back in surprise that the wolf even had enough energy to even talk. A fall like he had would kill most people.
    “You are not in a any position to ask questions. So shut up.” the mouse yelled.
    Kevin never came out of his attack position but lightened his glare a little. “Fine” he mumbled.
    “Good. Now we saw from your mark that you are also a freak. What are you doing out here?” the mouse asked.
    “One of the Death 2F Gangs came to our school. One of our friends, who is also a freak, was discovered. Because we hung out with him, we were targeted. We had to use our powers to escape. We had to run or soon the entire school would have Gang members there. Then the government would come and so on.” Kevin explained.
    “Ok. We know your friend, the vixen, has wings. What is your power?”
    “I don’t have to tell you that.”
    The mouse simply snapped his fingers and two large men came in. one was a golden-lab and the other a tiger. Kevin knew that with his diminished energy, he would not be able to fight both of them.
    “Actually, you do.” the mouse said.
    “Fine. I’m an elementalist.”
    “And what does that mean?”
    “It means.. I can control an element.”
    This made the mouse’s ears perk up. Having an someone who could control an element would greatly help his organization.
    “And what element can you control?” the mouse asked sound a bit more interested.
    “Why do I have to tell you? I know the code. I gave you type and reason. I do not need to submit anymore information.”
    “Well for starters, if you don’t, I will not only beat you, but you little vixen friend too.” the mouse said while the other two guards moved closer to Kevin.
    As Kevin backed up into a corner, surrounded by the two guards blocking his path, he felt an outlet. And where there’s an outlet, there’s electricity. Then he heard it. The loud hum of a quite large generator running. Probably wind, the best generator because of how windy this area was. Putting his hand on the outlet, he felt that rush of electricity surge through his body. He felt that power he had lost return.
    “Big mistake.” Kevin said to the two in front of him.
    Then he launched his attack. He filled his fist with electricity, and punched the golden-lab in the chest, knocking him to the other side of the room. As he turned to the tiger, who was getting control over himself, he shot a small bolt of electricity at him. The bolt hit him square in the leg, which should have knocked him out cold. But he just looked at his leg and then at Kevin. With a quick strike, the tiger had Kevin by his neck against the wall.
    “Chad here negates all other freak’s powers.” the mouse said with a grin.
    Struggling to free himself, Kevin tried to kick the tiger but without any good leverage, he could not do any damage. The golden-lab got up and helped the tiger restrain Kevin. Before he could hit the lab, Kevin was face-down on the ground, the tiger holding his hand and the lab holding his feet.
    “So you can control electricity. I could use that.” The mouse said. The mouse gave the two furries a nod. They slowly got up off of Kevin, ready to defend their boss.
    “Now, are you going to try that again? Or do I have to have them restrain you again?” the mouse asked.
    “Probably.” the wolf said. “Can I at least know what’s going on? Where am I?”
    “This is the base of operations for the FRA. You came over our land and we can never be too careful when it comes to strangers. The Government has been after us for years. We had no choice but to assume that you were working for them.”
    This puzzled Kevin. What was the FRA? Why was the Government after these people? Kevin was about to ask when he heard more movement outside the door.
    “I will have my escorts bring you to the mess hall. You must be hungry. That was quite a fall you took.” The mouse said.
    “Can I know your name?” Kevin asked as the mouse started to walk out.
    Without even turning the mouse just said, “Daniel.”
    At the mess hall, Kevin saw hundreds of people there. He wondered what the mouse would need with so many people. He saw that some of them were freaks. He even saw a seven or eight year old squirrel, making a piece of paper combust. Kevin, not trusting anyone here, grabbed his food and sat at a table in the corner. He slowly ate his food, a pizza with chicken on the side. The two furs who escorted him here, a bull and a rabbit, were gain a lot of attention. What was getting even more attention was the furry the two were guarding. Everyone is the building gave at least one look towards the wolf. Anyone who looked too long got a low growl from the wolf. No one dared to walk anywhere near the wolf, but one little cat came over and decided to talk to the new wolf.
    “Hey! I’m Justin. Nice to meet you.” the cat said. He looked no older than 13.
    “Well you seem braver than everyone else here to come and talk to me. Wolves have a natural look to make everyone keep away. Kevin” Kevin said, holding out his hand.
    Justin just took Kevin’s hand and shook it. “So did you here about the guy that got shot down with his girlfriend. I heard that he was detained by the boss. I think he was also a wolf.”
    Kevin almost chocked on his water when he heard the cat use the term “girlfriend”.
    “First of all she wasn’t my girlfriend. And second where did hear about this?” the wolf asked.
    The cat’s eyes went wide. “That was you? Holy crap! You should have died from a fall like that. How did you survive?”
    “My little secret. Did you hear what happened to the girl that was with me?”
    “She’s fine. She’s right over there.” The cat said pointed to a table with a bruised vixen.
    “Jessica!” Kevin called.
    The Kitsune looked up at the sound of her name and gave a smile.
    “Thank you.” Kevin said to the cat.
    “No problem.” He heard Justin say behind him.
    When he got to Jessica’s table, he grabbed her into a big hug. He smelled blood on her fur. “Did they hurt you?” he asked.
    “What? Oh,” she said looking at the blood on her shoulder. “No. That’s your blood.” She said.
    Hearing the door to the mess hall open, he looked and the mouse Daniel with about seven men behind him. “Get behind me!” Kevin told Jessica. As the group kept getting closer and closer, more and more heads looked in their direction. When the got to about 10 feet close, Kevin got a charge of 500 volts ready, his mind posed to kill.
    “Calm down. We’re not going to attack you.” The mouse said in an irritated tone.
    “Sorry, but I have reason to suspect so from you.” Kevin snarled.
    “Whatever. We are here to warn everyone about you.” He said.
    “Everyone," he called to the crowd, "this wolf has a power like no other. He can easily kill you if he wanted to. He can control electricity. I do not know the extent of his powers, but be cautious of him.” Daniel said. And with that he turned and walked away.
    Now whispers were running through the audience.
    “Well there goes our identity.” Jessica said, both of them wondering what will happen next in their lives