• every one in life go's threw hell and the people that make deals with the mosters that rule the place are called
    allots they become some of the strongest fighters on this plant be all deals that are made by the monsters must
    be played back or all power and life will be striped from the dume soul that dares to make a with these monsters
    the point of these is to tell how a persons life can end if you become a allot or there is some thing else like a allot
    but it works for good nothing else they are called controls but to get to the story the man that we are going to be
    watchings nick name is vicious becuse when he would fight he would go on a rampage no one could beat him in a
    fight becuse the more you would beat on him the more anger he would and after that all hell will break loose on
    the fool that dares to fight with vicious but he is 22 now he fells that he should go out and fu fill one of his life dreams
    and one of his dreams was to fight with one of the best fighters in the world but he thinks that he must learn how to fight
    good it was a week befor he was going to leave home so he thought it would be a perfect time to party with friends and
    family the first day he stood home and had a good time with his family his mother asked "him my son why don't you
    stay and live with us and work in the town" he said back vicious his mother ''look ok i am sorry that i cant stay here
    its just i want to see the world and what it has to offer to a guy like me" he could see thet his mother was sad so he said
    '' mom when i am done doing what i want in the world i will come back here to live i swear'' he felt a little weird so he called
    his friend and said '' a come pick me up i have some thing to show you" so vicious went i front of his house on his
    pourch and he seen some one from across the street in the dark shadow of a house he had his hands across his stomch
    he looked like a yellow and black ninja with empty and evil eyes he looked at him in his eyes the the person in the shadows
    looked away and and turned around and and walked deeper in to the shadows and a car pulled up in front of the house
    and the guy in side the car said ''a vicious come on i think that there is a party at dannys house'' danny was one of vicious
    friends and the guy in the car was robert but the called him rob so vicious took one last look at the shodow of the house and
    ''said ok here i come'' he jumped in to the car and asked rob if he was going to leave like he was and rob said ''come on man
    you now i would never leave this town but i am not every one '' vicious took a deep breath and said "what do you think i should do
    should i stay here and never go any were else or go and have fun well i am still young and i can have fun and do things" "well vicious
    what can i say

    ok look to who ever reads this i now i suck at riteing but i find it fun and i need some gold