• Alice lived in a large old house in the woods alone. She was only 15. No one knew about her living there, or knew about her at all. One day a stray boy decided to go into the woods after he heard about a witch living in the old Barn's house.

    His friend said the only way to see her was after dark, she would never show her face in the day. He was right, about that, the sun burns Alice's skin. Could kill her, for she was not a witch, but a Vampire.

    Alice was very grateful the young boy was coming, she was able to feed on human for the first time in over 300 years! She had been living off of of deer and bear blood. Young blood would make her strong and would give her more powers.

    The boy passed the trees hesitantly, waiting for his friends to jump out and tell him it was a joke, but nothing happened. When he got to the house, all the uneasiness he had felt on his journey into the woods, doubled, but he walked into the house just to show his friends he was not scared.

    There was no electricity, so he turned on his flashlight he had picked up before he left his house. Just then, he heard a soft female voice coming from the top floor of the house. Was she singing? He walked up the old spiral stairs, he expected them to be old and brittle, but they were sturdy and made no noises. The sound of the female made his heart race. "The witch," he whispered. "But she sounds nothing more than a child..." He said to himself.

    He is a fearless boy, Alice thought. She was sitting in front of an old fashioned dresser looking in the mirror, combing her long black hair. The moonlight shone over the trees and castes shadows on the wooden floorboards, in the large empty room. Then the door slowly opened. A gorgeous boy about the age she appeared, 15, stood under the door frame staring at the her like an idiot. The sweet smell of the boy filled her lungs even before he entered the house, but now it was stronger, and more irresistible.

    She knew why he was here, she was there hunting dear, but unseen, when the group boys made the stupid bet at the school. She touched her fangs to feel how sharp they had been. They are as good as when I was young, Alice thought to herself. Say good night sweet boy...

    "Why, hello there young one," Alice said sweetly "Please do not be afraid of me, I am Alice." She said in her heavy Irish accent. "I know why you are here boy, I get many people like you. You think I'm a witch, and probably bet with friends, no?" Alice did indeed get many human visitors, but all in daylight when she was in the basement, escaping the deadly sunrays.

    "Of course not!" The young boy exclaimed, "You are too beautiful to be an evil witch." He stared at her as she poked her teeth. He gave a curious face, "are you alright?"

    "Oh dear child, I am fine, you-- well, you will not be fine." Alice now came closer to the young boy. "Good night sweet heart." She ran her fingers through the boys shaggy brown hair. "Oh, before you go... Away," she couldn't find the word she wanted to say. "What is your name deary?"

    "Cordell" he said with a look of terror, and a cracking voice. Alice knew he could run away at any moment, but something held him in her presence.
    "Cordell, love, will you be mine?" Alice took a whiff of the surrounding air, she could smell the sweet sent of his blood tingle in her nose. "Let me taste your blood, oh, how I do hope it's a good as it smells."

    "Your not a witch! You a Vampire!" Cordell screamed. Suddenly, he went limp. Alice was no witch, but she did know of a weakness spell. A fainting spell is more like it, a spell to make mortal unconscious.

    Alice walked over to Cordell, her dinner, and crouched down by his head. She gently traced his jaw line with her index finger. She moved her head over his throat and let her long black hair dangle over the boy. "this will hurt, but no worries, it wont for long." Alice might have well as spoke to the wall, for Cordell was unconscious.
    Alice pressed her lips against his pale neck. Then her fangs pierced the delicate thin flesh, and she began to suck the blood, and life out of the young boy. If she drained the boy, she would gain his soul, and he would did. With that, she would be mortal again, and walk with the humans. She could feel the warm blood going down her throat. Cordell was almost drained, almost dead. It was a shame to kill an angle.

    Alice did not want to kill the boy, for she did feel love. You shall forever be mine, she thought to herself. But he could never be hers, they were of two diverse species. Yet still, she could not harm the one she loved no matter how much she wished to be mortal. She hesitated, but pulled back. She felt pity on the boy. She pick up Cordell in a quick motion. A single tear from Alice's eye escaped, and splashed on Cordell's bottom lip. He was like a rag doll, and was light as a feather. She took him down stairs and out the door swiftly and gracefully.

    By the door outside the house was an old wagon. Alice remembered using it when she was a human child. Her father would let her ride in it as he pulled her out of the woods into the town after her mother died. It was so old, but in very good condition. She was surprised she could remember that memory, it was nearly three-hundred years ago!

    Alice put Cordell into the wagon gently, and pulled it out of the woods and to the school ground at immortal speed.
    Once at the school Alice took Cordell out of the wagon easily, and place his cold rag doll-like body on the soft green grass. Feeling strong, Alice quietly walked back to her house in the woods. I can never be with the one i barely know, but love...


    No one stayed behind for Cordell to come back from the Barn's house, all but Jack, his best friend. Cordell couldnet even remeber what happened after he fell, but he could heart and feel everything Alice had done

    "I saw her! She's not a witch, but a vampire!" Cordell tried to explain to his friend Jack, who just wouldn't believe him.

    "Dude, it was a joke... I thought you would be too afraid to go, no one lives there." Jack was sure he was right, but he had no idea what Cordell had seen.

    "Believe me Jack! Her name is Alice, and she is a gorgeous vampire." Cordell was getting frustrated, Jack laughed so hard tears started to run down his face."You know what, go out there and see for yourself, you will see her. If you live, then come and tell me I'm lying, but don't tell me I didn't see her, look!" He pointed to the two tiny bite marks on the side if his neck "The Vampire kiss." He said a-matter-of-fact. That made Jack laugh even more.

    "Dude! What makes you think I believe a gorgeous vampire would give you the Vampire kiss?!" Jack was beginning to think Cordell was phyco. "Besides," he continued, "there is no such thing as Vampires, or witches..."


    Giving up, Jack decide to go see for himself. He walked through the dark forest and stopped in front of the old Barns house. Jack just stared at the house, I looked more scarier than it did in daylight. Finally he entered the old house and called out, "Hello! Alice!" jack snickered to himself than walked up the noiseless stairs, unaware what was waiting for him.

    Alice was very pleased. Another Young boy in the same day! The chance she would probably never get again. This time she was stronger, and would show no pity on the boy, she wanted his soul, so she could live among the humans, and grow old. When he dies, she will find her true love, Cordell, and let him forever be hers...