• The cold night air was almost unbareable, The small particles of snow ,raining down from the jet black portrait of the sky . The only light was that of the dim street lights , catching lingering shadows in their grasp , but failing to light up the road ahead . All was silent . A desserted white wonderland with not so much as a footprint incrusted into the bed of snow . But not for long . A girl , raven black hair caressed across her pale face , striding into the snow . Each step breathing in the white powder that slowly was sufficating her. She was hurrying , The cold making her lips turn blue and her eyes water . those eyes,they seemed distant , not looking at the road ,not looking where she was going , like a lost child

    The concrete was covered in thick layers of ice , beautifully reflecting the city lights into its transparency. But making things more difficult for the girls journey , she stepped onto the slippery substance , instantly falling over , "oww, why does this have to happen to me?" she moaned , the young girl rubbed her bare legs ,feelling alittle embaressed .She pulled her small body off the floor and continued , the cold beginning to eat away at her flesh , a pale blue shade covering her once pink rosie skin. A thin layer of frost formed on her tiny hand, the temperature had dropped. The air around her almost lifeless body was turning thick , the brief clouds of air turning into white smoke , Winter would be the death of her.