Two intruders break into a house; the crash of the glass breaking wakes up everyone. The owners of the house wake up and go downstairs to investigate. Screams come from the downstairs, which wakes the the sleeping child upstairs. The child comes to the bedroom door and hears another scream. The child runs to the parents room to inform them of what she heard.

    (running in and out of rooms upstairs)
    Mom!! Dad!! Where are you!!

    Another scream comes, but this time it's louder. The child runs down the stairs and into the livingroom. To her surprise, she finds her parents there; they were lying on the ground motionless and soaked in blood.

    (child replies back in a shocked scream)
    Mom!! Dad!!


    A man is dashin to the top of the castle. As he reaches the top, he leaps into the air. Guards pour in on the balcony and begin to shoot arrows at the man. The man is suddenly hit with one of the arrows in the stomach.

    (looks at wound and then at the crystal container)
    If i cannot have this, no one will! CAST AWAY!!


    The little girl is crying; two shadows toddle up behind the child. The child notices the shadows behind her and turns around to observe that they are two intruders. She gets up and runs to the kitchen, pulls a knife out of the cabinet and heads back to confront them.

    (looks at the intruders still crying;
    frighten, she holds the knife up at them)

    The two intruders look at each other and then back at the child. They both start to pace towards the little girl with their arms open out to her. The child stands there and closes her eyes as the two intruders draw nearer.

    (warns them again with a shout)
    STAY BACK!!!

    As one of the intruders puts their hand on her shoulder, the child pulls away, but then stretches out her hands and forces the weapon into the intruder's body. The child slowly pulls the knife out of the imposter's body; the other trespasser kneels to observe the wound. He glared up at the child and bagan to dash towards her.

    (scared, the child started backig up)

    The man came closer and closer to the child. Finally the last intruder fell to the floor covered in blood. The child let the knife drop to the floor, next she went to unmask the trespassers. As she bent down to take their mask off, their faces became more of a shock to her.


    The crystal box begins to disappear from the man's hands. Everyone starts to scramble to find the box, but the box is nowhere to be seen.The mysterious man begins to shrivel up and burst into dust.

    (looks at the man vanishing, then turns
    towards his men)
    Men, get down to the bottom of this castle and
    find that box!!


    The child is still sitting there trying to find all the possible answers of why these two people look exactly like her parents.

    (looking at her parent's body)
    What. How? But...my parents are over there.

    The child turns to clarify her words, but when she looked, there was nobody over there.

    (turns back to her parents and starts crying)
    Mother!! Father!!

    The little girl begins to cry louder and lays down in her parent's unresponsive arms.


    The guards were still searching for the lost crystal box, but the box was nowhere to be found. The leader of the search team strolled into the castle and into a large room. On the other side of the room sat an old man faced towards a window.

    Lord K, the container was not retrieved.

    LORD K
    (glaring out the window)
    This is bad. If that container ends up in the
    wrong hand, i fear what is to happen.

    TO BE CONTINUED........

    This is the end of the preview. Please comment me if you liked it or have some suggestions about it. This was a preview of episode 1 of 15, but this was only part of 1 not all. I wrote this in script form because i hope that this will be a show in the future. I will be putting more previews up....maybe the rest of episode 1. SO I HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT...THANX FOR READING! smile ^_^ smile