• There is 2 girls name Jullia and Ayde.They are like sisters and they have crushes.Jullia likes a guy named Jose m. heart and Ayde likes a guy named Seaser.The 2 guys looked kinda the same.So sometimes they get mixed up. One day the 2 girls was walking together untill Jose M. came and he told Jullia to go on a walk with him. Ayde started smiling at Jullia and Seaser came to Ayde asking her out. There was lots of guys that liked Jullia and when Jose and Jullia were talking,Jullia X boyfriend came to jullia and grabbed her hand and walked fast foward.Jullia was very shocked because he was the one that broked up with him.Ayde was talking to seaser laughing with him and then she saw a little boy sitting on the groung crying. Ayde was giving him some bread that she was gonna eat at the picnic.Seaser was amazed and started to talk to that boy.The little boy started to whisper saying"I lost my mom"

    TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!