• The boring math lesson was what made me keep focused on her today. She was beautiful this morning and only a seat away this time. I could actually smell her shampoo from where I was. I believe it's Stawberry Champane today, yesterday it was Cucumber Melon. She always had an interesting and wonderful smell coming off of her.

    "Mikey, pay attention!" My teacher yelled.

    "Sorry." I said quietly. She turned to me and giggled a bit. Great, now she must think I am a fool. Lucky me, it was only my second week here, so people understand.

    Class ended and I started talking to her. I found it was easy to open up to her, maybe she was the perfect girl for me.

    "I can't believe we have a math quiz friday on what we learned today," She complained. Her voice was so sweet, like a mother's lulliby. It was the type of thing you wanted to hear or remember every night before you went to sleep. The thing you wanted to hear first once you woke up also. The voice of an angel, that's what her voice was, and she is an angel.

    "Yeah. I swear, she must be out of her mind thinking that we will pass that thing." I said. My voice was dull, maybe it was from the lack of sleep I had last night. I spent all night thinking about her, I mean, she was the girl. I found the girl of my dreams and I can't even sleep to see her there.

    I was walking her to her next class, and it was only a few doors away. I continued talking to her about class. When she talked, I watched her perfect lips move and the smile she gave, it killed me. I swear, if someone could die from the beauty and perfection of one person, I am sure I would die from being near her, she was all that and more. She had the personality to fit her looks. Not to common in girls lately if you ask me.

    "Come over to my house tomorrow night and study with me?" She asked. I was filled with joy, I at first thought that I was imagining those word come from those lips, but I wasn't.

    "Yeah. I would love to do that, I will never be able to study and pass on my own." I said, stopping at her classroom door.

    "Great, neither will I. I could really use the help." She smiled, her perfect white teeth distracted me for a moment.

    Suddenly screams filled the halls, along with bangs and the sounds of gun shots.

    "Get in the class!" I yelled to her, pushing her in. She and I hide beside the wall as the shots came closer.

    I watched from the reflection on the window in front of me. People were running, dropping their stuff and going as fast as their legs would take them. I saw people falling. I saw our halls turning red, red from the blood of the people that I just met, the people that surly did nothing wrong. I heard doors flying opened, one by one as the shooter ran into each classroom, taking the lives of innocent people.

    Freaking out I forced her and I under the teachers desk, trying to get out of sight before the shooter reached us. I was more concerned for her then I was for myself.

    "Mikey, I'm scared." She whispered, her arms around me, holding me close to her.

    "I know, I am too. Just be quite for a few." I said in her ear. She held me as close and as tight as she could. Her tears wet my shirt, I could feel the warm tears on my neck as she tried to quiet the sound of her crying. I wrapped my arms around her and held her as tight as I could.

    I could feel the souls of every lost student and teacher lifting from the building and rising to the heavens. I could hear the fear of everyone. I could feel her fear. She was more afraid then I have ever seen or felt a person.

    I was determind to get her out alive. She was going to make it, I was going to be sure of that. I lifted her chin so I could look her in the eyes. "I am going to hold the door shut, just in case he comes here. I will hold it till you get out that window and down to ground and get somewhere safe. I will be there as soon as I can, I promise." More fear filled her eyes.

    "No, please, I can't go without you. I love you Mikey." She said, more tears fell. The shots were coming closer now.

    "You have to go now!" I yelled.

    "Mikey, please!" She fought back. I pulled her out from under the desk and pushed her toward the window. She came running back to me. "I love you Mikey, remember that." She said kissing me. I kissed her back.

    "I love you too. Now go." I said pushing her toward the window again, I braced myself agains the door.

    She started climbing out the window as the shooter, a boy from the school, came to the door. I sat down quickly as he start pushing the door opened. I used all my force to hold that door shut. I used all my power and will to hold it till she was out that window. I was going to stay that way till I knew she was safe.

    "Hurry!" I yelled to her. The boy pushed harder. She was out.
    The door opened more, I was growing weaker. I couldn't hold it much longer. The boy ramed the door, it pushed me out of the way as he came in.

    "Do you believe in God?" He asked, pointing the gun at me. I bowed my head and said a prayer, and nodded. "Are you ready to join him in Heaven?" I shook my head, but I knew my opinion didn't matter. "Have you said a final prayer?" He said. I looked at the blood on his shirt and took a deep breath. The longer he asked me questions, the more time she had to get away. I nodded, and the last thing I remembered from that conversation was the sound of a shot and pain in my side. I fell the the ground and layed there, bleeding as the boy left the room.

    The screams were fading, and so was the pain. Everything started feeling lighter, and warmer. I saw a light, it was bright, the kind of light you see in those movies when people die, they have a choice to go into the light, or fight longer to live. I saw that light, and I felt it was home, but I was still deteremed to keep my promise. I was going to make it to her.
    I started fading back to the real world. The pain came back, but the scream were still faded. Maybe he was in another part of the school. Maybe it was my chance to escape.

    I stood up, my legs were weak, but I pushed myself to walk. I looked out the door. Lifeless bodies filled the halls. No one I knew, but it was a depressing sight and I wanted to help, but there was no way to help, they were gone. I slowly made my way into the hall and went in the direction the shooter came from, at least I wouldn't run into him again. I saw the stairs and got down the as quickly as I could. The screams were louder, meaning the shooter must be near. I took a deep breath, dispite the fact it caused more pain and got ready to run for the door. Before I knew it, I felt the sun on my body. I didn't stop running though. I ran till I found her.
    She was crying more now that she saw me. Her eyes were puffy, but that didn't make her less beautiful.

    "Are you okay?" I asked her, not caring that I was still bleeding. She ran to me and yelled for help. I didn't notice the fact the pavement was now under my head.

    "Someone! He's hurt, please?" She screamed. She looked back at me and pulled my shirt up, looking at the gash from the bullet. "Oh God, you're really hurt." She said looking me in the eyes. I pushed her hands away, I didn't want my blood to get all over her.

    Paramedics came to me, pulling her away and stapping me to a stretcher. I tried to fight them off, I didn't want to go anywhere without making sure she was safe.

    "I want to come!" She said, running up to the ambulence.

    "Sorry, ma'am. You can't."

    "I want her to come. Let her in or I won't go!" I said reaching to pull the staps off. They pulled my arms away.

    "Get in, we have to get him to the hospital befo...." I blacked out.

    I woke up to machines beeping and my family sleeping in the corner of the room. She was next to me though, holding my hand, sleeping like the angel she was. I didn't bother to wake her up, I just watched her sleep. Looked at her, really looked at her, not just her pretty face, or her messy, yet wonderful hair, I really looked. I looked at what she ment to me and what she was to this world. She was so much more then another girl, she was my girl, she was the girl I almost died for. She was my everything and nothing was going to change that, not a bullet to my heart would ever change that. The boy who shot me helped me realize that. She was what I was put on Earth for, she was what mattered. No one could take her from me.

    "I love you." I whispered, then fell back to sleep. Only to dream about her.