• One is a special number, with anything that is truly important there is always only one. If you think about it carefully you’ll understand. You only have one life and one soul, there’s only one major God in every religion. Another thing we all have is only one heart, therefore we can only have one love, some people disagree. Think about this, if you only have one heart, yet u tell two people that you’re giving it to them, you’re lying to one of them.

    There’s no other word to describe people who do such things. Popular terms are cheaters and swingers. Unfortunately there are also terms which are actually compliments to some people; the terms are Playas and Pimps and people do what they do to achieve these titles as a form of “rep”. In reality, the only words to describe such people are “liars” and “heartbreakers” because what they do is certainly nothing to be proud of. They bring pain and insecurity to those they cheat on and it affects those who truly love the victims.

    Some people are very lucky to never experience such times. Unfortunately I am not one of those people, but I am lucky enough to never have been the one betrayed. At the same time I have been exposed to the heartache, pain, misery, depression, anger, frustration and all other forms of emotional trauma when I speak to and try to help those who have been betrayed. Most people are arrogant to such emotions, they have no idea what they are talking about until they’ve witnessed it happen to someone they truly care about.

    The worst part is that it’s happened to so many people that I care about and although this has brought me more in touch with the emotions of others and my own, there was a price. Its never easy to listen to someone you care about crying, especially when the only thing you can do to help is listen on the phone and simply talk them through it, tell them that you’re right there when in actuality you’re kilometres away and completely helpless. Its one of the emptiest feelings in the world.

    Another major impact of these cheaters would be the prolonged effect the have on their victims trust. Most of all when that cheater was the victims’ first experience at love. That person has a problem giving what’s left of their broken heart to someone else with the fear that they’ll just be hurt again. It takes months, sometimes even years for those people to mend their broken sprits and its truly unfair because while they’re sitting alone feeling broken and dead inside, the criminal that broke them like this is out in the world unpunished. Or so they think…

    Although these lying criminals are out free and having a good time, God has seen what they have done and they will pay. As for me, I take pride in they fact that I help mend broken hearts and I am a strong believer in “One.”
    One body. One mind. One heart. One love.