• Fall...the leaves are changing, the trees and flowers begin to wilt, the rush of school children passing by. 'Where is she?' Everytime we passed that old school house she'd tell me the same story of how she wished to someday get married and be a mother, I would laugh and tell her that's a bit far away considering her age, she'd just scoff back and playfully punch me in my arm, and yet i kept smiling...She'd scip down the side walk humming, stepping on every leaf, making sure each was crumbled or near crumbled to bits. Her childish antics kept her young.

    Winter...grey, dark, drily. As I walk down the street I know all-too-well, smiling half-heartily. I stare up at the grey sky, chalk-white snowflakes piling down upon me as I stare amazed at their dances in the grey sky. 'Where is she?' I stare deeply into an old abandoned off-white/grey house across the street wriddled in cobwebs and broken windows, death is the first thing to come to mind as I into it's deep depths. The only pleasure and truly memoriably about that house was the untouched molded wooden swing. It remained untouched, never swinging back and forth, never inching even the slighest even in the windiest storms...it remained untouched by time and grace.

    Spring...wet, fresh, life, renew. The flowers come back to life, the trees light up with buds and blossoms, the sky gradually begins to clear, the rain keeping me company in the loneliest of nights. 'Where is she?' The only person who could lighten my most damp and drily nights, where is her joyous laugh that keeps my heart pounding? Where is her sweet angelic smile? Where are our happy memories of frolicking in the fresh doo soaken meadows? Where is her company...in a world full of sorrow and hatred?

    Summer...hot, dry, incapible to live in. The flowers begin to dry out, welcoming autumn, ready to face fate. 'Where has she gone?' Where is she to bury me in the hot sand? Where is she to scurry away as I awake from my nap to find myself piled in hot sand? As i stare out at the ocean, watching the waves crash over the dock, I stare vividly out at the horizon at the fading sun into the deep teal seas. The skys plastered with yellows, oranges, reds, and pinks of all colors. Where is she to stand at my side and bravely take my hand in hers? Where is she to gently lay feather like kisses along my face?

    I stand there, the wind brustling my face...reminding me so much of her sweet cherry kisses, I embrace the wind as i slowly rise over the docks edge...staring at the horizon I find myself falling, the wind no longer a bothersome but more welcome to me, as my body collides with the waters edge I feel my heart stop and I embrace fate much like the flowers of summer...and yet I seemed to know as I sink further into the teal ocean core, that somewhere that damn swing is finally moving and embracing flight...