• I could feel the ladder cracking inder my weight, I was almost there. Almost out of this prison, almost free. I reached for the final step and pulled myself up.
    They should have found me by now. the other's would.
    I heard footsteps and started to run across the dew-filled grass in the middle of the night. My legs were trembling, my heart pounding against my chest.
    "There he is, get him!" I heard a guard yelling behind me, It's overm I'm finished. But freedom is in my sight, I don't stop, I won't stop. Running as fast as I can I hear barking getting closer and closer.
    I start running faster to get away from the dogs. It's too dark and I can't see the ground, then I trip on a brick. Only inches away from my goal, only inchesaway from freedom, but I didn't make it.
    "Get him!" a guard shouts as the bogs start biting me, with more gaurds coming towards me.
    It's over, I didn't make it. I'm going back to the prison they call life. sad