• It was just one of those days where nothing was going right. To start with I got basically no sleep, and I had to start my new job today. I looked at the time. Oh my god! It was much later than I thought. I only had half an hour to get ready!
    I must be bad luck. I went to have a shower, there was no hot water. I went to have breakfast, the milk was past its use by date. I went to get into my car and it wouldnt start. What did I do to deserve this?? From what I've heard the boss at my new job was really harsh, I was sure to lose my job before it started!
    I eventually got my car started. But i only had fifteen minutes to get to my job and it took around about 20 minutes to get there.
    i rang up my boss and told him everything that had happened. He seemed very understanding about it which made me relieved that i wasn't going to lose my job.
    I got there and the boss was waiting for me at the door. He was tapping his foot impatiently and didnt look very happy. He said that if this happens again I am straight out of the job. It wasnt fair. He seemed so much nicer on the phone!
    So anyway, I started my new job and was pretty good at it. I guess everything that happened this morning was over.
    I guess that today was just one of those days.
    But who cares? It all worked out for the best :]