• Mystic Vampire
    Chapter 2: Disaster

    The next morning I have to get ready for school, and go talk to the counselor. I make up a few white lies to get out of this little ordeal. So, here I am in class. People are afraid to talk to me after that outburst a week ago. They must think I’m a psycho or something. Why can’t people just let bygones be bygones? Oh well. There’s nothing I can do.
    Through the entire day, I wasn’t thinking straight. Andrew was the only thing I could think about, and about those horrid images. There had to be some logical explanation for that! My teachers went through new lessons that they expected us to have learned in the one hour they could teach. Maybe I’d be let off for the day considering all I missed. Then, I get to my Chemistry class, and Mr. Matthews in practically breathing down my neck when I sit there daydreaming all class period. And, he smacks me on the head with a book. When I walk home, I think, “What was I thinking about all day?” Well, duh! I just shake my head hard, and tell myself that I’ll just ignore it all for now.
    Finally!!! I’m home after such a horrible day of school. I put my ID on my desk, wash the makeup off my face, and put on some normal clothes, jeans and a t-shirt. I happened to pass by the mirror when I noticed that my neck was a little swollen. “What happened?” I thought. Hmmm… maybe it had something to do with last night. I bang my head on my desk after I sit down because everything about then suddenly seems hazy.
    I begin to study everything that I’ve missed, when Andrew comes into my room. Then a light flashed in my head and I’m sitting there with a blank expression on my face. This is what I see: I’m a little depressed because school is about to start the next morning. I’m getting ready for bed, after I take my shower. Everything is quiet, and that’s right…Andrew’s not home!!! So, I walk to my bed when someone comes into my room and shuts the door. I’m a little worried about this. I turn and cover my eyes, scared, wishing I wasn’t here right now. The lamp suddenly turns on and I see Andrew. I’m surprised so I run to hug him. But, he pushes me down to my bed and kisses me. I’m afraid, but can’t remember why. I see blood… I REMEMBER!!!!! He bit me!!! Then I saw those images!
    I flash back into reality because Andrew is shaking me, and he’s like panicking! He’s screaming, “Kate! KATE!!!” When I turn to look at him, I try to hold in my sadness, concern, and the fact that I’m scared, a tear ran down my right cheek. He holds me and I’m literally shaking out of fear. How could he do that to me? What happened to him? When did he change? Where has he been? What is he thinking????!!! It’s killing me! I want to ask him all of these questions, but I can’t. Then, Andrew speaks. “I’m sorry. I realized that I’ve been a bit distant lately, and you’re probably worried.” I sit there letting my tears dry up. And he continues, “So, I’ll let you know what’s going on. Meet me at the bench behind the school tomorrow.” Then, he smiles. Andrew leaves my room, and goes to his. I’m a little shocked, but at the same time, well, you know!! I look up to the ceiling and smile, balling both hands into to fists in pure joy!
    You’ll never guess what happened next. I got up dancing to loud pop music blasting out the speakers. I swear I could see the air vibrating with invisible lines, but who cares!!! Soon I tripped over the radio’s wire and fell to the floor. Behind me when I turn around I find Andrew leaning against my room door, with his arms crossed laughing at me! My face turned as red as hot sauce! My hair hung over my face wet and curled, as I was on my hands and knees embarrassed. I let out a scream so loud; I thought I heard glass burst into a gazillion pieces. Things seemed carefree and completely back to normal by this point in time.
    Its three days before my birthday and also the day when I meet Andrew behind the school. Somehow I’m nervous, but also excited!
    The last bell just rung for the day and now here we are. I quickly run to the girl’s bathroom to fix up my hair. Then, I take a deep breath and go. There’s Andrew sitting there looking into the vivid sky. I hold my hand up to my chest admiring him from afar, and then continue on. He smiles at me and says “Yo!”
    I smile back and blush. And, just to start things off I ask, “What did you want to talk about?”
    Andrew says, “There are things going on that are a bit embarrassing, but I know that you’re the only person I can talk to about this. I’m not exactly sure when it started, but I began to crave…” He stops and turns his head away in shame, then finishes, “…Blood. I was afraid to be around you because maybe I wouldn’t be able to control myself. I don’t want to hurt you Kate.”
    I look at him and smile. “Don’t worry,” I tell him. “Do you remember what I told you 9 years ago?” And he has a nostalgic look on his face, as he repeats my words from when we were kids. “Don’t worry, I’m here for you.” Then I grab his hand and told him that he could come to me for anything.
    Now, let’s fast forward about 1 hour after that conversation when we get home. I run into my room, lock the door, and grab the nearest pillow to me. I hold it again my face and scream!!!!! “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!” Yeah…that’s pretty much my reaction. What was I thinking telling him don’t worry?! How am I supposed to help? What does he mean he might not be able to control himself?! What kind of security is that???? And, this is the part where I’m supposed to calm down. So let’s breathe. I’m pretty sure that about five seconds later I passed out from stress.
    Okay, now it’s Friday. I’ll consider today to be…normal! Anyways, our school is having a dance for 10th and 12th graders. Yesterday they had the one for 9th and 11th. Ours ends later, so we’re lucky. Andrew and I are going together. Well, that’s the most obvious thing in the world considering…NEVERMIND! Now, all I have to do in the next two hours before the dance is buy a dress, get my hair done, put together a rack of things that a normal preppy girl keeps in her purse, and pick out a pair of shoes from the trillion pairs I have.
    I get to all of that done, stand in front of my room mirror and make sure that everything looks good. And, now the time is 8:30pm. I’m all ready and…OMG! Did I just say 8:30?????????? I’m late!! Do you hear me?! LATE!!!!!!!!! And now, in the tallest heels I have, I got to meet Andrew at the dance! But, to my surprise, he was waiting outside the front door of the house for me, and greeted me with, “Shall we go?” I laughed in embarrassment, as me walked to the dance holding hands.
    When we got there the scenery was awesome! We found out that the dance was outside. They lit up the entire school, and decorated the trees with ribbons and glitter. They set up round tables for couples and bigger tables for groups of friends, which were covered with elegant white table cloths. On them were neatly folded napkins, and shining glasses that looked like crystal. The utensils were plastic of course. They were playing all the latest music during the few hours we were there. It wasn’t anything special. I had more fun jamming to music in my bedroom. But, being with Andrew made me happy.
    For the last song, they made it special for couples. That was a letdown. I mean, how many couples did they actually expect to be here? So, I decided to count…1, 2, 3, 4…10, 11...15… Let’s stop there. That was enough to make me jealous, until Andrew took my hand and said, “Let’s dance.” There was a huge gasp from the crowd when they saw us go up. Take one guess why? We had so much fun there. Now, I’m depressed. I wish that Andrew and I really was a couple. AND NO! I’M NOT AFRAID TO ADMIT IT! HAHAHAHAHA! Okay…anyways, Andrew held my hand and said, “Close your eyes; there’s somewhere I want to take you.” He led me and I was so curios that I must have asked a million questions. When we go there, he let go and said, “Here we are.”
    And my words are, “Andrew, this is…” And, he’s like, “Yeah!” He had taken me to the little park where we met as children and then led me to the swings. It was getting close to midnight and the only sounds you could hear were the creaking sounds of the swings chains and barking dogs crying for attention.
    I started off with, “I had a good time tonight”
    He then says, “Good, ’cuz it’s about to get better.” And that’s when he pulled out the cutest little ring in the world!!!!!!! He put it on the ring finger of my right hand and said, “Will you be my girlfriend?” My eyes immediately watered up and I put my hands over my mouth in shock. Forget the plain old “YES!” , with a winy voice, I went straight for a kiss!
    After that, we walked home together as a new couple. It was late so we told each other goodnight and went to our rooms. I grabbed out my diary and wrote, “Dear Diary, I’m in love!!!!!!! Andrew asked me out!” Then I blushed as I admired the red stone in the ring and thought, what’s the point of acting shy?? I put on a pair of headphones, and danced in my bra all night long. But, worse thing ever… When I turned around …”AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Andrew was on the ground laughing his sorry little butt off, while still having the guts to point his scrawny fingers at me!!!!! “PERVERT!!!!!!” I scream out of rage, and I throw my purse at him and slammed the door in his face.
    Now, I feel bad so I go over to apologize, but he ends up being the one to apologize to me. That night I go into my room and shut the door. I let myself drop into my bed as I curl my pillow around my face to forget all the troubles in the world.
    I walk into the living room when I wake up and “POP! POP!” Ribbons and glitter are shooting out of the little red cones. I see a huge sign hanging on the wall, and I turn my head. There’s like 50 people in our house and they scream, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!”
    So, that whole day I’m having so much fun spending time with my friends and I’m shocked just because I don’t see Andrew. And, my next thought is, “What a Jerk.” So, I blow it off and just enjoy myself. And then the crowd started…”Happy Birthday to you…Happy Birthday to you…” I’m totally blushing! I can feel it! And just when I thought things couldn’t get any more embarrassing they made me sing…”I’m 16 years old…I’m 16 years old…” Next, we attempted to cut the two birthday cakes which were made of three thick layers of ice cream and stuff; chocolate, vanilla, cookie pieces, frosting, and cream. The top of the cake was elegant, with beautifully designed flowers and cursive letters made with green and blue frosting that said, “Happy Birthday, Katie.” Of course, I was overjoyed by everything, but I really wanted to help out.
    “Gimme that,” I say as I reach my hand out for Nina to give me the knife, which was four inches wide and half the length of my arm. I look back and forth from the knife to the cake about 100 times with piercing eyes. Finally, I set my sight on the rock hard ice cream cakes which had such a cold aura, you can see the white puffs of icy smoke circulating the room, like when you walk outside on a 30 degree day and breathe hot air into the freezing cold. I put the knife onto the top of one cake and lay my hand on the top, end of the knife with no blade. Before I cut I think, “Pft, this cake is already half way melted; this will be no trouble at all…” Ready, set, go! I pushed the knife with my left hand as I held it with my right. I felt like I was trying to Karate chop a thick piece of wood! Or more like saw through steel bars for that matter. I spent like 10 minutes groaning and wining, until finally!!!!! The knife went in about… one centimeter! “Wow! I’ve set a world record!” I say sarcastically. My friends quietly chuckle as I struggle. “Come on….cut….CUT!!!!! Grrrr….THIS IS HOPELESS! I’ve barely made a dent in the thing! Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, and cut!!!!!!!!” Tiki snatches the knife away from me.
    “Let me give it a try,” and she looks at me with a smirk on her face. “Point first, Kate. Watch and learn.”
    Amazing… She sliced it in less than ten seconds!!!!! “Well, I loosened it up for you.”
    “Please Kate that excuse only works when you’re talking about breaking into a locked room, with an incompetent person by your side.”
    I’m so embarrassed that I quickly say, “Let me grab some plates and forks!”
    “Don’t worry about it!”
    “Yeah, we have everything ready,” Tanya says in the back.
    After she spoke, I just realized that I didn’t even know half the people that were in my house. Well, I knew their names.
    “Unbelievable. You can cut both cakes in two minutes, and it takes me 15 minutes to dent it,” I say with a jealous tone. They slightly giggle.
    Everyone is scattered around the house talking to their friends and having fun, while I stand in the corner waiting for the moment when Andrew might actually show up, although it doesn’t seem that that‘s going to happen. My friends look my way and see me looking a bit depressed. “They’re plotting something… definitely…” I thought to myself. By the time I actually figured that out and processed it in my mind, Tiki and Nina are running up to me with their hands full of cake frosting!!! They rub it in my face, and a girl from my gym class named Kayla snaps a picture of my face red, and bracing for their attack. Every head turned my way, and they all burst out laughing!!! “Meanies…” I say in a playful, low tone. My friends helped me clean up my face afterwards. After that, they took me by surprise and put on embarrassing videos of Andrew and me from when we were little. They’re so cruel!!!!! Are they trying to ruin me???
    They were nice memories. The first video clip was when Andrew and I were watching a horror movie. I remembered it perfectly. I wanted to be more grown up, so I told my parents, when they were still around, that I could handle a scary movie. They told me okay, and put on a movie with monsters and blood, which caused me to have bad nightmares. The movie showed innocent civilians getting their heads ripped off and gruesome blood gushing out of their freshly ripped veins. The sight made my eye twitch. In the room I hear a big sigh when Andrew grabbed my hand as kids, in the video, because I was scared and crying. Mom was so weird. She would record the worst moments ever on tape and leave it here for us saying, “One day, you’ll appreciate this.” And, I do. The next video took place on a sunny Saturday morning in late June. Andrew had just learned how to ride a bike, but I was afraid to even touch one. I would always complain, “I’m scared I’m scared.” He talked me into learning how to ride. That caused about a billion bruises. Speaking of which, there’s something significant about this tape that‘s a little vague at the moment…OH NO!!!
    I speed in front of the T.V. set and said, “Enough! NOOOOO!!! We’re done with these videos now.” Of course I suddenly said this due to that fact that the most embarrassing video was the last one on the tape, which was about to play. I’d wet my bed and my mom thought it was so cute that she taped me crying. I turned everything off and followed everyone into the living room. The rest of the time passed by fast, as I opened up my gifts.
    Pretty much everyone had to leave early, but I didn’t mind. My best friends stayed with me until late evening. Oh, let me introduce them. Well, you already know Nina and Tiki, which leaves Kristy, who we all love to call Kris. She’s the best of all best friends. And, it amazes me how much we look alike. We both have pitch brown hair with gold and black streaks going though them. I like to keep my hair curly and out. Kris likes to keep hers straight and in little pig tails. It’s so cute! Our eyes are the same color and we’re both *cough cough* semi-tall. Yeah right, we wish. We’re almost tall though.
    Okay, now here’s where the real surprise came in. When everyone left and there were like three people there, they shut off the lights and they put on some that were set up on the side. They were the kinds that you see when you’re in a disco room, but sort of different. So, then they bring out chips and dip and put it in the middle of the table. My friends put on loud music. I swear someone was about to call the cops on us. Then the real party began! Soon after, the music shut, and the lights blew out. Everyone screamed, and by reflex, I screamed too. When the lights turned back on, they were all gone and I was in panic mode. Then a shady pink light surrounded the room and I heard something…something unfamiliar and strange…MOOD MUSIC!!!!! Okay, now I know what’s going on here. I run to the nearest exit and I crash into someone. The light is so dimmed I can’t see. They put out their hand to help me up, and then the room switches to a light pastel blue color. It’s much brighter, so I can see!! Andrew came!
    Okay, now here’s the part where I’d supposedly smack him in the face and call him a jerk for not even coming to my party. But, after he helps me up, he passes out and there’s blood all over his face. So let’s pause things for a while so I can panic. My friends are obviously hiding in the rooms and behind the couches. Andrew just came into the house bleeding, or covered in blood…I DON’T KNOW!!! And what if they find out about what’s been going on, huh?! Then I wouldn’t be protecting Andrew. “AHA!” I scream! I have a plan. “Awww, these lights look awfully beautiful, but the nice shade of pink was so much more “romantic”. Then I sigh, and I hear a giggle. Wow! How stupid could they get! They actually changed the lights. I run to the closet, grab some disinfectant wipes, then pick up Andrew and drag him up the stairs into my room, slam and lock the doors. Next thing you know, I’m on the floor hyperventilating and about to pass out. 5…4…3…2…1…O.K., I’m good. I switch on the lamp in my room and I set Andrew on top of my bed. Chills run through my body when I see him like this. I wipe off the blood from his face, and soon unbutton his shirt then roll him over. I take his shoes off recklessly and throw them to the ground. I take off the shirt and reach for my comforter as he turns on his back, then I trip over his shoes and fall on him. For some reason, I’m scared, so I try to get up. But, before that was possible, he wrapped his arms around me. By now I’m dead tired from that party, so I fall right asleep.
    Soon, I was slowly waking up with the alarm clock coming into focus, when I realize that something was touching me. I gasp and hold my mouth to re frame from screaming. OMG!! It’s 3AM!? What’s going on here? I shoot up and run into the room where we had the party. Everything is cleaned up and all of our friends are gone. There’s a note on the table from Tiki that says:

    “OOO-Lala! We saw you run into your room with Andrew tonight…Have fun! ^_^.”

    But that’s not the concern here. What I have to figure out is what happened last night. So, I run up to my room and Andrew is sitting on the edge of my bed. I’m still in the hallway at that point. Then, my neck suddenly started burning with horrific pain. I just ignored it and went into my room to go to sleep. Andrew said “Thank you,” gave me a kiss on the cheek, and went to his room. I closed the door. Then…wait, was I about to do something?