• A fanfiction
    By: Miraki-Moon-Child

    My Guardian Angel

    Miraki puffed up her cheeks. The price for octipii were so stupid!
    She pouted "Now how am I gonna have all teh cutest fishes" she crossed her arms. A voice spoke "You do know its 'fish' not 'fishes'" the voice sounded playful. Miraki spun around "My your SO intelegent Wraith" she said sarcasticly but let a smile play on her lips. Destinys Wraith chuckled "I know. So how have you been doing?" he leaned on a nearby pole. Miraki linked arms with him "Trying to get a octipii. But they cost like 40k! And I used all my gold on my Dark Halo" she began to walk. Wraith laughed "Well what is the world coming to?" he laughed again. Miraki pushed him "its not funny!" she pouted and looked away. Wraith hugged her "Aw don't get angry" he squeezed her. She giggled "Wraith stop your crushing me!" she was pushing on his chest. He smiled and held her tighter.

    Miraki laughed "Wraith! C'mon!" she laughed harder. Wraith smiled "But you don't wnt me to" he began to tickle her. Miraki squirmed in his grip "Wraith c-can't br-breathe!" tears rolled down her cheeks. He smirked "Say mercy" he faked an evil laugh. Miraki gasped "Never!" she laughed harder. Wraith's smirk grew "Then prepare for this!" he tickled her faster. Miraki screamed in laughter. She lost her footing and fell holding her sides. Wraith smiled "I'll let you off this ONE time" he sat next to her. She regained herself. The moon was peaking over the gray clouds. Miraki smiled it reminded her of when she first met Edward Cullens. She sadded but it also brought up how he tore her hearts to pieces.

    She sighed "Pretty night huh?" she glanced up at him. The moon was making his blonde hair shine and the gentle breeze was playing with it. She felt her heart speed up. Wraith looked at her "What? I'm sorry I didn't catch that" he smiled. She blushed lightly "I-Its nothing" she looked at her hands. She shivered from the cold. Wraith stared, he picked her up, set her in his lap, and embraced her. Miraki was more than shocked. Her heart was beating out of her chest. She was sure he could hear it. Wraith placed his chin on her head "There. Now you won't be so cold right?" he rubbed her arms. She blushed lucky that the night sky hid her face from sight.

    Butterflies fluttered around in her stomach. She leaned into him "Your so warm..." she remembered Edward had alwats been cold. Wraith chuckled "I do have blood flowing in my veins" he smiled. Miraki turned all the way around and placed her forehead against his. Wraith stared her straight in the eyes "Miraki" his face was serious. She very shyly kissed his neck "Yes?" she looked up at him. He smiled "We've both been hurt before. But if this is gonna work between us, we both have to promise not to hurt each other, alright?" he put their foreheads back together. Miraki smiled and at the same time they both said "I promise". Wraith kissed her softly. He flicked his tougue against her lips. She timidly opened her mouth. He slipped his tougue inside. Tasting her and he decided she tasted like strawberrys. Oh how he loved strawberrys. He gently pushed her to the soft grass below them.

    Miraki pulled away, her cheeks dusted a light pink. Wraith smiled "Your beautiful" he planted a few kissed to her neck. She moved her head to the side giving him more access. He trailed his tougue down her neck. She let out a light moan. Wraith placed kissed along her jaw line. He slipped his hand under her shirt. He rubbed circles around her navel. Miraki arched her back "Wraith wait..." she gasped out. He stopped "What is it? Am I moving to fast?" he touched her cheek. She grabbed his hand "I have to ask you something..." she looked at him. Wraith smiled "What is it Miraki?" he kissed her neck.

    She arched her back again "Ah...Since we-we're dat-dating will you buy me an octipii?" she smiled. Wraith stared in shock "Is that why you wanted to go out with me? So I could buy you stuff?" he was very annoyed. She shook her head. He blinked "Then why?" he put thei foreheaads together once again. She pecked his lips "Because your my guardian angel"...