• Okay, Well i'm really bored so i'm just going to write a story that ive been working on. It's really random so don't mind it.

    I don't think this is going to work! Your going to get urself killed! The boy said to his leader. "Well is you think that way then I will die. So stop thinking that way and do as I say. I don't have the time i'm already half asleep on my feet, because of those darn healers! Now go!" " Yes Lady Jade" Slowly the man walks back to where he was told to wait untill Jade has given the comand for everyone to come out and fight. " One day your going to kill urself and then he's going to feel sorry." Star meowed. " No he won't. It is my choice to do this so why would he feel sorry?! He doesn't even care about me..." " That's what you think my dear. Now if you wouldnt mind but let's hurry up your half asleep on your.. Sheild!" THUNK THUNK THUNK. "Good call." Slowly Jade reaches into her power to put up a violet force feild surronding her. " Don't waste your enegery you just recovered from the last battle" " I know, I have time. Try and find us a place to rest up there where i'm going to be able to see them. I have a feeling they are just playing with me." Slowly Jade began her way up the sloap towards the 6 archers waiting for her. THUNK THUNK THUNK. " They really need better archers I could hit them and IM a CAT!"

    What is see doing?! She's going to get herself killed! This isnt part of the plan Simon do something! " sarah yelled in his ear. " We can't do anything! I also know this is not part of the plan! Just go back to your post and be ready!" Glaring Sarah made her way back mubbling over her shoulder "Your going to feel sorry when she's dies and i'm not going to comfort you!" Archers! To the ready! Fire! "What the hell are they doing!? I swear in Mirthos name if I make it through this i'm going to kill Simon! Or Sarah which ever one it was!" " I found us a spot just up there." Star panted. " Hm... Can you hear that Star?" " Hear what..." Before Jade stood 300 Men armed with swords and shields ready for the command to attack. " So finally we meet! Move outa my way you dumb soilder! There we go. It's going to be an honour to be the person to take you down Lady Jade." The little man sneered. " Take me down? Why would you take me down? Ive done nothing but depend my land and help other's that cannot so take it up with someone else who has as shitty men as you. I don't feel like wasteing my time so go home and then come back with better fighting men." " What!! Get her!!!" He screamed. 300 men rushed down towards Jade. " Where are they?" "There coming." " Sorry were late." Jade looked back to see all the men she had taken with her. She ran into the middle of the fight not looking behind to see if her men were following her. Quickly Jade begins the Sun dance. Very hard to counter but at the same very easy to die if you were to mess up the sun dance. "What is she doing Simon?" " She's doing the Sun dance. Keep your distance she might use the full power of her scythe!" " Hahaha! You shall not defeat me! I will kill you laughing!" He finds this funny! "Everyone move back!!" "Why?!" " Because she's doing the Moon dance!" "The moon what?" Sarah asked while trying to breathe. " The Moon dance. Jade made it up when her family was killed. Someone killed her sister. See how their leader is laughing? It is bringing memorys back. The man who killed her sister was laughing as he did it. Just get ready for the asfter shock." " The after wh.." Blood red, Blacker then night, Whiter then white was coming from around Jade. Everyone around her froze not knowing which to run or to stand. " So you think it's funny! Well let the Black God Hold your soul in his hands and torture you for eterny!" Jade screamed. The earth began to shake everyone grab something close to them to try and hold on but it was no use, everyone close to her went blue as their hearts stopped and their lungs couldnt breathe in anymore air. The colours went everywhere takeing the last of all her power and part of her life line. " She's going to die!" Sarah screamed over the nosie. " She has done this before and almost lost her life she understands how to use it now and not take her life she has only used it once other then this so praise The Mother Goddess she doesnt kill herself and forget how to manage her life line.