• Rounding the corner, I screamed. Holding my chest with one hand, my pulse raced faster than I, and my side started to sear. No one was here to help me, no one could here my cries and no one could help me.

    Rounding another corner, I screamed again, the sound of a chainsaw whirring ahead of me. I tried to turn back, but I saw him, the masked man with a machete after me again. Great, let`s all gang up, shall we?

    Going forward, I ducked under the arm of the man with a chainsaw, and walked out to a bridge. Grimacing, I looked ahead. It was small, rickety and not meant for running. Every third board was missing and most were snapping under pressure of so much use. Looking behind me, I saw the Machete and Chainsaw guys following, and so I decided to take the plunge. Sprinting, every step I took, I touched down lightly, and keeping the pace up until the bridge was far behind me.

    Following the path I jumped to the left, shrieking as a man with a wicked grin and pointed teeth jumped out at me. He laughed at my reaction and I swore loudly, running, my breath ragged and my side burning in pain, like some one had taken a hot poker and kept pressing it against me until there was no more flesh on my skin and then continued to sear my bone. Agonizing and painful, I wanted it o be over, but not over. Pain, be released.

    Running was all my legs could do. A woman ran in front of me, dripping wet. Her hands were nothing but clawed bones, reaching out for me. I think I saw the flesh of her face drip off and fall to the floor. Screaming, I moved, running. The door was almost here. I could feel my freedom.

    Bursting out the door, I saw the line for others to walk through, and I heard the taunting laughter of my friends as the saw my sweat dripping face and heard my screaming.

    “You guys suck!” I shouted, glaring at them with amber eyes, bushing back golden brown hair. “That`s the last time you take me to a haunted house. I hate those things!”

    “Yeah, yeah,” my girlfriend took me by the hip. “You just keep thinking that, while I get you a drink. You look like your about to collapse.”

    I smiled, taking it, taking one drink before I felt a hand on my shoulder. Looking behind me, I saw the flesh dripping girl, and I shrieked and it echoed throughout the site.