• Chapter 2

    As time passed by, before i knew it, it was almost noon. I felt my heart beating rapidly through 4th period. It felt like i was going to have a heart-attack any second.
    God the bell rang already!? *sigh* As I walked out the door I wanted to go back to my dorm. But i knew that Angle and Maranda was going to block it. As I walked to the Quad, and heard the sweet sound of someone playing guitar.
    I looked around trying to find who it was. Then my eye's were locked on this kid. His eyes were golden yellow and his hair was pure snow white. I knew that had to be Kira. Then i noticed a guitar case next to him. Was he playing that sweet sound?
    Suddenly, his eyes locked on me. Yet again I turned red. But this time my whole body turned red. He gave me a cute little smirk and winked. I was too nevrous to walk up to him. I guess he noticed because he started to walk up to me. My heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest when he walked up. I felt like I was going to faint. If I did, would he catch me? The voices in my head were to loud for me to think nor, even hear kira.
    "um......hey" he said.
    I couldnt hear him to well because the voices. All I could do was keep my red face down in embarassment. Finally, the voices SHUT UP!!!!!!!!! I looked up and finally spoke, but it hurt, because my throat was dry as my sister's sence of humor, trust me, thats dry.
    "hi" I said. Then he asked me the question I was going to ask him.
    "Your a demon too?" he asked.
    "Im not a demon.... I'm a half demon." I answered, turning red again.
    I could tell he was amazed. We looked into each others eyes for a while.
    "Your a half demon?" he questioned me. "How?"
    "My mom was a hum-"i wasnt able to finish my sentence when i looked up and I saw Angle and Maranda staring at me and Kira from my room. I gave them an eye. They must have saw it, because they went back to what they were doing before.Eating.
    "Your mom is a what?" he asked
    "She is a human, and fathers is a full blooded demon" i said "You might be fond of the demon Ayame Izumi"
    "The demon that killed one thousand bandits with one stirke?!?!" he asked in amazment.
    "Pretty-". Before i could finish, ours eyes locked again. It was impossible to look away. We brought ourselfs closer and closer together. He wrapped his musculer arm around my skinny waist. As I looked out the corner of my eyes I could see Angle and Maranda being nosey again. But i didnt care. I wanted this moment to last fovere. Finally our lips locked. It was the first time I kissed a boy. My heart was racing, but I didnt care, i could feel that i was turning red, I didnt care, I could hear Angle and Maranda giggling and laughing, but I still didnt care. All I cared about this moment, this wonderful moment.
    After a few mintues we pulled away. I was redded that the time i got a very bad sunburn on the beach last summer.
    "How was it?" he asked with a smirk on his face."Did I do it right?". He sounded worried.
    "I'm not sure" i said, Still red. "That was my first kiss"
    Then I saw Kira getting red too
    "Really?" he asked "Your so pretty, how can you not have been kissed before"
    "No never" I paused "Have you?"
    "No" he said.
    We were both turning red.
    Lunch was over. We had to go back to class.