• Think back when you were alive and had friends little one. Back then you were pretty and everyone loved you. Then you became gravely ill then you were ill no more. You were never quite the same when they held your funeral. You keep telling them that you were still the same girl even though you were dead; they wouldn't believe you and avoided you. Yes you remember but your memories stopped...like the rain. Everyday you sit on your headstone gazing into the distance wondering only one thing. "Why am I still here?"
    When the kids come out to play you walk out of the graveyard and asked if you could join. They would throw sticks and stones at you; calling you a monster. Everyone thinks that stuff just goes through ghosts but they don't; they feel and it hurts so much. The angel on your headstone provides no protection against the rain as you cry. You feel cold but you learn to bear it. Your heart was shattered so many times. Even the boy you loved when you were alive rejects you. All you want are friends; people who would understand you.
    One day as you were picking daisies a handsome boy walks up to you asking if you would like to play. You ran from him at first wondering if he was going to hurt you like the others did. But when he asked again you agreed and your heart soared. You held hands, you talked, and you played. At the end of the day he asks you why you were so cold like ice. You didn't want to tell him fearing that he might reject you. Then you brought him out to the graveyard where you showed him your grave. He looks at the headstone then at you. Tears overwhelm you then he brushes them away and says: "I understand dearly but I still love you"
    He pulls you close and you kiss. His lips are cold but there is a warm feeling inside your heart. The boy lead you to another grave stone where it showed his name. "As you can see I'm dead too"
    Up high in the sky a very bright light pierced through it. It was beautiful. The boy grabs your hand and leads you into it. At that moment you were welcomed to his holy Kingdom where you lived with your new love. Now you feel pain....No more.