• I sat there silently bored out of my mind when a group of girls conversation caught my attention. I tried not to focus on it, because if they caught me eavesdropping i would really be in a bind. My curiosity took over so I leaned a little closer, What I heard made me roll me eyes...then It got so much worse.

    "I can't believe she asked him out!" on girl said laughing hysterically

    "Come on tell us what he said!" Another girl begged impatiently

    The boy they were talking to sighed. I could of sworn I saw a flash of guilt in his eyes. I must of wrong because what he said almost made my heartbreak.

    "Well he said... No of course not! I would never go out with you and your hand-me-down clothes! Your a shut in! Your just some looser girl who no one really likes. get lost."

    All three of the girls laughed hysterically at what the boy had told him.

    I didn't realize how hard I was clutching the table until one of the girls turned and sneered at me. She turned to her friends and "whispered" to them.

    "What's that freaks problem?!" She complained

    I pretended to look the other way ignoring the girls comments.

    All the girls shrugged and continued their conversation.

    "So what did she do?!" The anxious girl asked

    The boy shrugged. "I heard she ran away crying. I also heard that while she was running her glasses fell off and some guy stepped on them..."

    That was enough. I sat up so fast I knocked my chair back. The 3 girls and the guy stared at me shocked.

    "I can't believe you!" I yelled ferociously. "Where do you get off laughing at something like that!? Oh right sorry I forgot. Your the perfect girls who always get dates and always get the $300 clothes! Your the ones who "rule" the school!" I said sarcastically and harshly.

    The girls kept silent but the boy looked like he was about to say something but I cut him off before he could say anything. "And you! You were there I'm guessing! That's how you know what happened! You could of done something but I guess it would make a better story if you didn't!" my voice cracked. I felt the tears burn my eyes already.

    When I finally finished I looked around and saw everyone in the cafeteria staring at me, even some teachers were staring! I shook my head trying to clear it and stalked off towards the library, before I even took 5 steps I heard something that made my tempter flare up so bad that it took every ounce of self control I had to not go back and bunch the girl who said it right in the face!

    "What's that freaks problem?!"

    A few Days later...
    It was all over the news. The letter with tear drops on it... the letter of an outcasts pain and misery...of her loneliness and suffering... a suicide note...

    Her name was Elizabeth Reed... Everyday the girls would call her names and the boys would tease her and take her things...Every single day of school. No breaks from the never ending torment.

    I remember starring at the T.v screen with disbelief as I heard that someone from my school committed suicide. I remember anxiously sitting in the bleachers at an emergency school meeting. The principle had her disappointed voice on as she spoke of the bullying...

    Then I heard it one more time. That one question...those words...I heard them and snapped. Tears were running down my face and I didn't even know the girl her died! I snapped like a twig.

    I jumped down from the bleachers and punched the girl who said it right in the face. But...I couldn't stop! I kept seeing flashes of read. One punch became two. Then 3. then I kicked her... The gym teacher pulled me off.... they rushed her to the hospital and called the police to take me away.

    Right before they took me away the boy who I had yelled at a few days ago came up to me with a sad expression on his face. I growled at him but he ignored it. What he said almost made me choke on my own surprise.

    "I wish I would of been the one to do that...I don't think she will ever make fun of anyone ever again. Honestly...I would give my own life to take back everything I said...I kind of wished you punched me."

    He smiled at my shocked expression. "I'll see you in Juvi..." He whispered... He turned around and punched the gym teacher holding me right in the gut. The teacher let me go out of shock.

    "How about arresting someone who is really guilty like the girls who pushed Elizabeth to suicide?!" I challenged as soon as I was free.... A blur of movement...it was as if I couldn't see... everything was moving to fast. Two police officers came in and arrested me and the boy. all the students were frenzied as teachers tried to rush them back to class...

    After 2 years they let me and my boyfriend (the boy) out of Juvi and we both went to high school. Even to this day, even after 10 years I still remember what that girl said that made me snap....

    "What was her problem?"