• Once there was a boy named Linus who was living in a new house it was thousands of years old yet there homestead. "Mom is it true this place is haunted?" Linus said. well of course not sweetie Linuses mom said you will love this house" They walked in but that night when he was brushing his teeth and went to bed his ceiling began to make noises and his fan turned off... "Moommmm are you there is that you" Linus yelled. Linus looked up there was somthing coming out of the ceiling it was liquid and red and looked like blood and it was. "Uhhh uhhhh MOM MOM HELP" he saw somthing crawl out of the walls it was a man with a blindfold with blood all over his head he grabbed Linus by the neck blood squirted out of every part of his body and nobody ever ever ever saw Linus again... MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA burning_eyes

    so the next time you sleep stay awake