• Daniel dogdes his punch, hitting him square in the stomach." YOU b*****d!!!"David sprung up and hit Daniel in his face,blood fying from his mouth. "BOYS!!!!" their father cried in french. the booming of their fathers voice sent them stalk still. "What the HELL is going on?!" they stared at each other, loathefully screaming,"HE STARTED IT!!!". they stared each other down as if they were 2 panthers fiting over meat. "Now hold on....whats going on?" their father said puzzled." He ruined my chances with Gale...".Daniel scoffed, defiantly saying,"he full of crap...me and Gale met two months ago when i moved here for the summer....after that....she and I fell in love".
    "Then why is it that shes still in love with me?" daniel tried his hardest not to strangle his half-brither to death with his bare hands."David....i think we have a misunderstanding...since im going to be stuck with you for the remainder of my life...i am daniel hearts...your worst enemy..."
    "Daniel...you will not insult my son in my home...as of you David." their father his in french. They stared angrily at each other before slowly saying,in french,"yes sir..."."now if youll exscue me father... i have to go to my girlfriend's house before it gets late.David ran after his brother but stopped at the feel of his fathers arm."Where are you--"
    "a drink"
    "thats all dad...ill leave him be"for now, he thought hatefully.


    "hello flower..."Daniel whispered before kissing Gales forehead." hi.." she whispered softly, the sudden feel of his lips making her feel vunerable. ever since David got back, being with Daniel felt....different." i met that David--"
    "WHAT!!! YOU DIDN'T HURT HIM DID YOU?!"Daniel was trown back by her, deciding that her and David were friend...which made his skin crawl."What....what does David mean to you..."Gale went silent at his question,stammering slightly as she whispered,"n-nothing....just an old friend....well aquaintence"Daniel softly sighed, confessing to her Daniel and Davids relationship."YOUR.....BROTHER?!" she said horrified
    "half brother...and why should that change anything?"
    "it doesn't"she lied,the earge to see David and hit him eating at her insides.Daniel sighed angrily,letting go of gale."Gale....do you you love him?"she blushed in shock."yes...he was one of my best friends"
    "you know for fact thats not what i meant."she sighed as cofusion rattled her brain."An even better question...do you love me."she stood in shock,but then relization hit her hard.

    she loved him....but which him?