• Our Reason to Live
    By: Christopher B. Jarvis II

    Chapter One

    Ding, ding dong ding, dong struck the bell on the church. It was around four o’clock when the beautiful couple: Adam McCarter and Meagan Cole ran down the stairs of the church, holding hands as their families threw rice over their heads in awe and laughter. It was a day of holy matrimony. On December 25, 2016, the day where our holy father was given life by God’s will, these two lovebirds were holding true to their vows deep within their hearts, keeping each other in their lives forever. It was snowing ever so calmly, on the streets of Willowbrook, IL, where they had dreamed of living, near the beautiful forest near Waterfall Glen. Their thoughts were exact, driving home in their new lime green 1965 Shelby Viper, the empty cans of Chef Boyardee’s chicken noodle soup tied on the back bumper, with the usual “Newly Weds” banner over the tied cans, with ribbons and flowers tied up on the handles of the doors, and with a Christmas Reith on the hood of the car, running into their home and celebrating by drinking their old bottles of 1945 Mateus wine, imported from Portugal from their black crystal glasses that Adam’s mother had given to him for his 21st birthday. The women in the crowd in their beautiful dresses from their families cried in joy over the happy couple, while the men talking to the other family members were in awe and talking about how much they think that the couple was “inseparable” and the “perfect couple” all and all. As Adam and Meagan said their goodbyes, hugging and kissing their loved ones, they ran towards their beautiful car, kissing their lips, laughing and giggling, and waved goodbye as they drove onto the beautiful white Christmas, they felt such happiness that any newly wed couple would feel when they are in love. Adam McCarter and Meagan Cole were as close as cookies and cream. Meagan rested her head on Adam’s shoulder and whispered, “I love you so incredibly much.” Adam kept his focus on the road as he held Meagan’s hand and whispered back, “I love you, with all of