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    “Larera..,” Began the angel, pausing at the beginning then continuing, “Fumara told you to keep it a secret didn’t she?” He presumed the possible not even checking on his daughter if he was right or not. The angel closed his eyes and said, “Fumara isn’t stable Larera. She is off the walls, just because I have to protect her doesn’t mean you have to be involved with her any more than I do.” Zaneren Moskull was at the kitchen table with his daughter Larera, it had been difficult to get her into one spot to talk since she was so busy with other things. The other things probably just trying to avoid her father.

    The 17-year old girl slumped her head down to the desk and said, almost to herself, “I don’t want to be a part of this. I don’t want to play in the battle that killed Mom.” She strayed her eyes elsewhere, as if suggesting a more criminal thought in her mind.

    Zaneren began shaking his head harshly as he urged, “You wont be doing that Larera. You have to use it to good use, it will help all those other people out there who are dying every second.”

    Larera, the teenager flinched at the image and stared down at the wooden table, studying the outlines of the wood. Just for something else to think about. She didn’t have to grace that statement with an answer.

    “I was hoping you wouldn’t have this power. The power of being an angel,” Zaneren said the word ‘angel’ with a sort of swiftness that almost made the word normal to human ears. He didn’t regret admitting that he had wished Larera would never have to participate in this and continued, “But you do. You cant keep it a secret anymore. You have to be trained to help someone other than yourself, Zeus can help you with that.”

    She couldn’t believe how vicious that sounded to her ears. Her father was telling her to hurt. Hurt others. Hurt demons. Other than the fact they were demons their sworn enemies didn’t make it any better. Larera clenched his fists that were under her chin as she looked up at her father’s face, “You cant tell me to do anything that I don’t want to do.”

    To tell the truth Zaneren was kind of surprised of his daughter’s response, he shook off the crawling feeling of redemption and explained, “Demons kill others. To kill one demon saves possibly hundreds of human lives. Just at least go to Zeus and ask him about it. I promise he can help you understand it better.” The angel didn’t have anything else to say, it was her decision.

    “I understand everything Dad.” She shook her head and stood up from her chair, she didn’t want to listen to this anymore.

    Zaneren scowled and said, “No. You don’t,” He couldn’t keep the urgency from his voice, “Angels are a force of good. Killing isn’t what it seems, its ridding the world of one more bad soul.”

    But Larera wasn’t listening she was already out the door, with one destination in mind.