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    In A World where cars hover over land and air robots work and play plus help the survival of plants, animals, and humans this story begins with Roy at the bus stop EMM begins with ROY at a bus stop O there he is........Roy's buss pulls in and Roy said " Get on fast we are running late" all the kids run on the bus Roy dives them to school thirty secconds before the bell rings Zak said " we made it" right when the bell rings they go to class the teacher gives out work Clair, Sarah, John, and Marth finish and start to talk . Zak is one half the way done and Kitty is three forths of the way done when the bell rings Physical education or P.E the P.E coach said" Run the extra long course"(which is Run one mine jump a small gap climb the rope walk the tight rope with is one foot off the ground and run three miles back and sit down on the bleachers) suddenly the P.E coach yells " ready set NO! ha-ha I mean GO!!!!" Sarah, Marth, and John run the mile and get to the gap Clair is neck in neck with Kitty they are three forths of the way their Zak is one half the way to the gap. Sarah, Marth and John Jump the gap John almost didn't make it Sarah and John are neck and neck while climbing the rope Clair and Kitty Jump the gap Zak Walks around the gap Sarah Climbs faster than Marth is climbing up to Sarah is even with Marth Kitty and Clair are going up to Marth going on Marth Zak just got to the rope Sarah , Marth, and John are neck to neck to neck with Kitty and Clair right behind them Zak jut got one half way up the rope Sarah is behind Marth with John on his tale Clair and Kitty are right behind John with Zak eighty feet away Marth just finished he third mile and is running to the P.E coach Sarah and John have slowed down and are right next to Kitty and Clair Right behind them is Zak who just finished the first mile Marth yells" Done I WON" Zak Yells " it wasn't a race was it" Sarah and John get there at the same time and both yell "done" Kitty and Clair finish and fall down the bell rings before Zak can finish in all the other classes Zak aces everything When the last bell rings they get back on Roy's buss to go home And Roy Took his eye off the road for one second suddenly he was in a portal/ Vortex. Everyone starts screaming suddenly they stop Roy passes out Soda the drink it Roy gose emm hmm Everyone starts screaming again. five minutes later The buss is gone its nothing John Zak and Marth are missing and they are in a huge pile of rubble wearing odd cloths form around the Iron age or the next age in the medieval time period Roy is in chain male with a huge two handed long sword he is in complete red including the sword. Clair is in a blue dress and Sarah is wearing green shirt and pants she also has gloves with a spike where the fist is formed. Kitty is a Cat/Human a small human with cat ears and a cat tale. Roy thinks " Why am I dressed like a red knight From the Medieval time?" Roy screams " Where my custom yellow BUSS!"Clair then said" Roy busses are normally yellow and oo I like this" Sarah whispers " A weapon?"Kitty said "I'm a cat?....AWSOME!!!" suddenly They are surrounded by knights of the square table they were formed as a square instead of surrounding them in a circle Roy whispers " Look up where surrounded by knights with square shields And swords also a guy with a flag saying THE KNIGHTS OF THE SQUARE TABLE (Out of Roy's eye sight on the flag it ses literately knights of the square table...)They look up as if they were in a ditch Roy quickly said "not that high look striate" he hits his head with his open hand as he corrects himself Roy said as he clears his throat " we come in peace" The troops yelled "very funny Roy the fire lord princess Clair you and your friends follow us" Roy is shuddering F-f-fire lord? Clair said "princess?" the troops say " don't try to fool us like you did last time" they follow the troops to an enormous Gate a gate guard yells " Password" the Troops all say " O to the P to the E to the N You red necks" Gate guard yells" Password Denied" the Troops say " we followed it just like we are SOPOSTED to" gate guard yells" AX ceecs granted" The enormous gate opens The troops take Roy and Clair some where some old lady yells " who are u o-o-odd p-p-people" Kitty And Sarah introduce themselves As the troops drag Roy ses" It's a good idea to stay here for now OUCH Stop dragging me" the troops ignore him. The troops Take Roy to a building they called the Fire Lair Roy said" this is a nice place I might just sat here for some time" Some lady in all pink walks up to him and yells" u can stay here if you PAY for a room Roy" Roy calmly ses" who are you" the lady responds "I'm QUEEN ASH how did u for get ?" Roy then said " I don't know" Roy dose some research and finds out that currency is rubber. Roy went to a rubber tree cut it down and Payee rent he went to cut an other tree down his sword lit on fire and the tree burned Roy Yelled " SWEET!!!!" Sarah turns around and heads for a forest after a day of searching she found one and in that forest she found a city they people who lived there were part plant or part animal but they were all the same size 3.5 feet tall. She loves the wild and nature so much so she built a house their Kitty followed her there and they live together and they made friends with the locals Marth met a dark man and became his partner the man owns a castle John followed Marth but is not seen no one can see him no one knows he's alive and for Zak no one saw him so they think he's died.
    Chapter 2 The awakening
    Roy's Power
    Roy ran out of rubber lost the rental home thingy and lived near the rubber trees. He swung his sword at a rubber tree again is burst in to flames. Roy dropped his sword kicked a different tree and his shoe burst in to flames. he was yelling "OWWWWAHAoHOAOWHAOHWOHAHOW" something like that for 5 minutes till he realized "hey fire doesn't hurt me COOL" his shoe 's rubber melted so he took it to a store and bought things that gate rubber out of rubber trees the people didn't know what that stuff could do so they sold it to him. Roy got rubber out of a lout of the trees he practiced his fire power for 4 days he had "mastered' it he opened up a Fire bomb shop he got some business one day he went out and Practice some more with his fiery powers John the ghost guy found Roy when John got up to Roy John took an appearance of a flaming guy John some hoe didn't notice Roy said" man I'm not the only flaming guy" John wondered away and lost his flaming power

    Math's true potential

    Marth and his new master where in some grim life less grave yard his master was teaching him the way of the Darkness after months of brutal training Marth he could summon Undead by the thousands and he could fight mightier then his master so he killed him currtped by darkness Marth took over towns Destroyed rescores needed by all including his

    Johns power

    When the buss went through the portal he became a ghost like figure no one could see him so they thought he was dead he followed Marth was "spying" on him for a while then he found Roy became some fire freak and now he's near the humans He found a town called H.O.R.S.E. or Human Obvious Rights Simple Efficient John thought that a retarded person must have named the town He saw Clair surrounded by guards and thought "what did Clair get into this time uhh ill go save her weight no one can see or hear me uhh.". John went close to Clair and suddenly a flying frozen arm was visible to everyone the guards ran wail screaming "AHHH!!!" John got closer to Clair and John was a Guy with frozen like skin.

    Clair's power

    Clair saw John and knew it was him so she hugged him and said " I thought you where dead" then next day Clair when out in a field she balled her fist up and ice shot out of her fist she was amazed so she did it agian and forze her guards

    Chapter 3
    Something big
    Sarah and Kitty ran up to Clair who almost froze them and told her to run the darkness is coming She said" with my new found power I can handle it Roy came over the second he heard the news about the darkness they went out deeper in the field suddenly John appears with Flaming arms and legs and icy Head, chest, hands, and feet Roy said" John your alive awl man I was going a take your stuff "John said "what stuff?" Roy said" nothing" Suddenly thousands of Hostile undead appears and charge at them Roy Burns them Clair freezes them Sarah punches them with the spiked gloves they kill all of the undead them Marth appears and kicks their butts and he summons a lot of undead suddenly A flying ship appears Zak come out of it in a flying scooter robots come out the ship and defeat Marth and the undead Zak Yells" we have one shot at going back who's with me they all agree yes but Marth has unconscious
    Zak's machines open a portal and they drag Marth in it they appear in Roy's buss at where he Didn't pay attention to the road this time he pays attention this time drives around the portal and safely makes it to their buss stop they went home and continued normal lives they wrote a story to remember their adventures........