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    The !
    Game !
    in !

    One day at the gameing center known as The Ultimate gameing place
    (A gameing center with billons apon billions of games includeing arcade games)
    Drake a 15 year old wearing black shirt,plants,gloves,and boots standing near a
    Huge black suport beam holding up the next few floors a Blond Girl wearing blue
    jeans and a brown shirt walks up to Drake and said" Where where you I've been
    looking for your for like 10 minnuets And where is Jon we wever sopost to meet up
    near the Bath rooms" Drake replied saying " Ashly I was at the bath room and
    Jon is over their comeing towrd us A 17 year old male wearing camo clothing
    came over and said" Drake was up" Ashly said" we've been chosen to
    test a new game on a whole new consul something called IN YOU
    not a good consul name but the game is called The Game put those together and you get
    The game in you sound cool huh?"
    Drake calmly said"cool."Jon said" sweeeet!"
    Ashly yelled"follow me" as she ran tord a huge black door with gold symblos
    all round it she ran in the others followed her when they whent it
    it is a huge white room with a bald guy in it and a table bhind him
    the bald guy said"Put on these Gloves,Boots,and helmet whaile i explain the game"
    They quickly put the gear on the bald guy contenues and said"Put ing the gear on
    will alow u to use the control the helmet will project the game onto
    your eyes so its a realist experiance the game is voice activted
    talking to npc monsters quest guys etc i will leave the room and turn the game on
    now first any questions..........ok then good luck o and others have been testing it world wide."
    the blad man leaves and suddenly a voice said" Welcome to The game Sponced by the gameing community. "
    suddenly they see a life like image of a dungeon the voice said"I am computer to start the game please tell me your
    user names if you are new users say I" They say "I" new users pease name any race form any game you now to
    set your race." Ashly said" Human" Jon Said"Oger" Drake said"Small Deamon With horns all over his body with a horn evan on his arms."
    Computer said "races set User names will aper on your screnn classes are followed in gorups
    so say u pick mage ur class is mage your sub class can be fire mage,dark mage,holy mage Ect classes are fighter or mage."
    Ashly said' class mage sub Holy mage" Drake Said" class fighter sub class Deamon knight"
    Jon said" Class Mage sub class Shapeshifter" Computer said" class set the game will now start in the dungeon of
    NOOBS" They suddenly find them selves in a dungeon that looks like their realy in a dungeon
    The walls in the dungeon are all grayish bricks Ashly lookted around and saw a deamon then
    said"Nice graphics" Drake said"This is awsome lets go and see what is to be seen." Jon was siting down then said" what is that
    Gost like guy over their it looks like the gost form that move gostkillers. Drake said" the one where the gosts eat human flesh?"
    Ashly yelled" forget about that movie its comeing closer Computer what us combat like?????"
    Computer replied"Did i negelct to say the combat isnt turn basted Combat it real time so Equip your N.O.O.B gear
    and get ready to fight like you would in real life to Equip gear sit down a popup will apear and it will show you your items then move them into
    the apropret spots on the window." Jon said" that computer isnt lieing" the three freinds have N.o.o.B swords,chainmale,spellbooks,and sheilds
    Jon who is siting down Equips the N.o.o.B Spellbook,and chainmale. His apearance changed He held a book that had an Beast on it and chain male with a beast on it.
    Ashly quickly sits down and equips the N.o.o.B Spellbook and Chainmale also but she looks alout diffrentthen what Jon stuff lookted like she had a Yellowish white book with a white angel on it and her chainmale was all yellow with a white angel on it like her book She said" me and Jon are wearing the same gear but it looks diffrent.'
    Compter said" their diffrent the gear is baced on your class,race, and gender Also the N.o.o.B gear evolves into diffrent gear bacted onyour class,race, gender and how you play Good Luck." Drake slowly sits down and equips the N.o.o.B gear Sword and chainmale Jon then said" why not use the sheild?" Drake said"Sheilds are for losers who cant defeind them selfs with Swords or other melee whepons." His apearance also changed His sword has a blood red hilt(handel) a 5 inch walrus tooth stained blood red Gaurd(part above the handel befor the blade) and a shiny black blade withshark teath all over the blade also stained blood red. his chainmale is compleately stained with bood. Drake said"cant get any better then this." Jon reminds them about the gost comeing tword them Drake said" I... din't forget about it i was just ah..." Ahsly interuputs "we got to defete it hello!" The gost comes closer and then a ray of black shoots out of the gost it amost hit Jon. Jon siad"weith need to killith that gost befor it killiths us.
    Jon opens his spell book the only thing wrotein in it said" transform into enemy" Jon reads it right when he read it he turns in to his enemy aka the gost Jon said" I beeith the gost?" Drake said" Jon why are you a gost?" Jon replaied" I am a shapeshifter." Drake quikly dashes up to the gost beaing carful to doge the rays he gits up to the gost and is about the slash it but sudenly it shoots Drake with the ray Dake is pushted back to a wall and is a in pain Computer said"You feel the pain you get in the game." Ashly opens her book and said" sence im a holy mage I should probobly have some kinds healing spell." she quickly opens her book and finds only one sentence Holy light Rank#1 as she reads it her book glows and a traget apears right in front of her she looks at Drake and a yellow beams shoots out to Darke all of the pain Drake has recived has gone away like that whail all of that was going on Jon and the gost were havein a stand off shooting dark rays at eachother with seemed to have an efftect they were healing each other Jon stopted and said" Drake uhh i have no effect over it." Ashly yells" CUT IT DRAKE!" Drake dashes towrd it one more time and slices it ,hacking and slashing his mighty N.o.o.B Sword. Sudenly the power whent out and Two guy in Black suits say"This game has killed thousands of people we are confescateing everything You three go home your lucky to be alive we are shuting the The Ultimate gameing place down fand charageing them with thousands of deaths Leave and never Come back." They take of the helmat and gaulets and boots and leave. The The Ultimate gameing place was sude and everntualy destroyed. ( ohh noes know where are we going to play games at..)